10 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks That Your Mom Never Told You About

Mommy was right; coconut oil is the answer to all problems! While we know applying coconut oil on your scalp will make your hair softer, did you know it can replace so many other beauty products? Ditch those harmful chemicals and go for this all natural oil in your beauty kit. We show you ten ways to use the humble coconut oil.

coconut oil uses

1. Makeup Remover
After a long day of work and partying, the one thing you need is the dependable makeup remover. Look no further than that little blue bottle of coconut oil. It’ll leave your skin looking fresh and moisturised.

2. Shaving Cream
Guys swear by this one too – coconut oil gives you one of the closest shaves ever, and doesn’t leave your skin dry and itchy.

3. Moisturiser
Don’t harm your skin with harmful chemicals and toxins; coconut oil is a natural, dependable way to go.

4. Lip Balm
Chapped lips are every girl’s nightmare. But, instead of a dab of lip balm or Vaseline, try a little bit of coconut oil for a kissable pout.

5. Face/Body Scrub
Trying to get rid of those dead skin cells? Well, we have a small life hack for you. Mix a little bit of baking soda into the oil for a face scrub, and brown sugar into the oil for a body scrub. It will leave you with astounding results.

6. Managing Cuticles
Dab a tiny amount of oil around your cuticles before you go to bed and check out the superb results in the morning. But be sure to wear gloves, so it helps to soak it in during the night.

7. Under Eye Cream
Your soft, delicate under eye skin needs is a little dab of something that will moisturise and enliven it. Try a small dab of the oily stuff and see the difference in a few days.

8. Frizz Control
Girls, we all know that curly, frizzy hair is a nightmare to handle. Expensive and toxic products are something you might have to gamble your hair and sanity on. Take a small quantity of oil and use it on the ends of your hair. Voila, pretty curls!

9. Face Wash
Try this age old technique to give yourself skin that will be the object of everyone’s envy. Instead of using your usual face wash, try a small amount of this oil for amazing skin. But do be careful before you do this every day, in case your skin reacts to it. Some people have the exact opposite effect, so go slow and test it out for yourself.

10. Deep Conditioning
If you’re tired of trying different products and seeing little or no results, go old school and try coconut oil for conditioning. Massage the oil into your scalp, and apply it to your locks before you go to bed. Wake up, shampoo and see soft, glossy hair. Say goodbye to the beauty parlour!

We hope you will not let your bottle of coconut oil lie at the back of your bathroom shelf. If you think of any more genius ways to use it, do ping us with your comments below.

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