10 NEW Ways To Use Nail Polish Removers

We told you about the different uses of Vaseline earlier and now it’s time to put that nail polish remover to good use. If you thought that its only purpose was to remove nail polish, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Here are 10 other ways you can use them in the house.

1. Clean Keyboards

clean keyboards

After using your laptop for years, we’re sure you’re aching to clean that keyboard of yours. Ditch the water and take a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover instead. Your keyboard will look as good as new!

2. Sanitise Razors

sanitise razor

Nail polish removers contain acetone, which has amazing sanitising qualities. Cleane your razors and make them last longer by cleaning them with a nail polish remover.

3. Remove Ink Stains

remove ink stains
Your three-year-old son finds a marker and the next thing you know he has happily scribbled on the walls of your house. Permanent marker and ballpoint pen marks can be easily removed from your skin or walls using a nail polish remover. However, be careful while removing stain marks from fabrics because there are chances that it might damage them.

4. Unglue Super Glue

unglue super glue

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally glue your fingers together with super glue?! Well, here’s where your nail polish remover will be useful. Apply a little remover with a cotton swab and get rid of the glue without harming your skin.

5. Scratch-less Watches

scratch-less watches

You can get rid of scratches on your watch surface using a nail polish remover, but only minor ones. Gently rub the scratches in small uniform motions. The acetone content in a nail polish remover will dissolve the plastic, leaving your watch scratch-less.

6. Remove Paint on Windows

remove paint on windows

Get rid of paint stains splattered on windows by rubbing them with a nail polish remover. Remember to leave the solution on the painted area for a while. This will make your work quicker.

7. Shine Shoes

shine shoes
This will work perfectly when it comes to removing scuff marks and grease stains from your shoes. However, you need to be extra careful while dealing with leather shoes. Always use non-acetone removers to take stains off from leather products to avoid damage.

8. Tarnish-free Jewellery

tarnish-free jewellery
We all know how junk jewellery loses its shine after a period of time. Polish it with a cotton swab dipped in a non-acetone nail polish remover to get its shine back. But don’t rub too close to where the gems are attached because chances are the remover might loosen the glue.

9. Thin Out WhitenersThin Out Whiteners

Whiteners/correction fluids tend to lump up when not used frequently. But before you decide to throw it away, add 2-3 drops of nail polish remover in the whitener and shake it. This will thin out the whitener, making it usable again.

10. Clean Sticker Residues

clean sticker residues
You bought a new crockery set and, to your horror, it came with a huge sticker. As peeling the sticker off can leave an ugly residue, you decide to just keep it on. Here’s where nail polish removers come to your rescue. They will get rid of sticker residues on any kind of material.

Now that you have found new ways of using your nail polish remover, we’re sure that bottle won’t be just lying around getting wasted anymore.

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