12 TERRIFIC Ways to Use Vaseline For Beauty

We’ve all used Vaseline for a perfect pout and soft skin during winter. However, there is SO much more you can do with this petroleum jelly. Here are 12 uses of Vaseline.

uses of Vaseline

1. Nails and Nail Polish
Dab a bit of this jelly on your fingers and nails to get rid of dry cuticles. (Another tip: Ever had trouble reopening your nail paint bottle because of the dried up polish on the bottleneck? Apply Vaseline to your nail polish bottleneck before you put the cap back on. This will help you open it easily the next time.)

2. Lipstick and Hair Colour Stains
Avoid lipstick on your teeth and hair colour stains on your forehead by dabbing some Vaseline on your forehead and teeth (just a teeny bit) before you use the products.

3. Grow Eyelashes
Before you get your beauty sleep for the night, dab a bit of Vaseline on your lashes and see them grow. No harmful products needed!

4. Fragrant for Longer
Work all day and still have that fresh fragrance on you with this jelly. Use a bit of Vaseline on your pulse points and make your perfume stay on longer.

5. Split Ends
Troubled by dull, rough hair? Don’t go running to chop off your locks. Apply a tinge of jelly to the ends of your hair and see them heal over time.

6. Polished Shoes
Have a big interview coming up and no time to polish your shoes? Carry a small bottle of Vaseline and apply it on your shoes for a smooth, shiny look.

7. Use as Scrub
Scrub those dead skin cells away by mixing sea salts with Vaseline and applying before your shower.

8. Cream Eye Shadow and Lipstick
DIY lipstick and cream eye shadow! Mix Vaseline and powdered eye shadow and you’re ready to go glam.

10. Kajal Remover
Just like coconut oil, Vaseline is great to remove makeup before you sleep. It especially helps in removing those smudged kajal lines around the eyes.

11. Highlight Cheekbones
Want that photo shopped look from fashion magazine? Use a small quantity of this jelly on your cheekbones before you apply makeup to get an instant illusion of high cheekbones.

12. Frizz and Flyaway
Give a sleek and tamed look to your hair by using a bit of Vaseline to your frizz and single hair strands that are hard to manage.

We’re sure you’re looking for that little bottle of Vaseline everywhere in your house. After all, it’s so precious now! Tell us if you have any more uses for this petroleum jelly.

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Image courtesy: www.pinksith.com

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