Beauty Glossary: Know The Right Brush For Your Hair Type

You do everything to ensure that your pretty tresses stay healthy, from oiling to deep conditioning. But did you know that your innocent-looking hairbrush or comb may actually be causing hair fall and damage?

Yes, using the wrong tools to comb your hair can lead to hair fall, split ends and even thinning of your hair. We pair the right hairbrush with your hair type.

Hair Type
a. Thin, Straight/Wavy Hair
If you have fine hair, get a hard-bristled detangling brush. Avoid metallic and nylon bristles; plastic ones will work best for you.

right brush for your hair

Kent Taming & Straightening Brush-PF21: Rs 425

b. Thick, Straight/Wavy Hair
Thick hair usually means more knots. So you need to get a medium-sized comb and a soft-bristled hairbrush, preferably nylon-based, to comb out your hair. Go easy and slow while detangling.

right brush for your hair

Vega Cushioned Brush – R7-CB: Rs 166, Kent R7T Authentic Handmade Pocket Comb: Rs 649 

c. Textured, Coarse Hair
Opt for a combination of a regular comb and paddle brush. The comb will help you remove the knots and the paddle brush, with its widely spaced bristles, will help you manage your hair.

right brush for your hair

Vega Paddle Brush – E11-PB: Rs 209

 d. Curly Hair
Finally, when you have this kind of hair, a hairbrush is your enemy. Go for a wide-toothed comb, that too only if you want to get rid of the knots when the hair is oiled or wet. Do not use on dry hair.

right brush for your hair

Vega Regular Comb – 1268:  Rs 56

a. Blow-dry/De-Frizz
A hollowed brush with medium-hard bristles works best for a blow-dry as it allows the air to pass through the brush. While de-frizzing, you will also need a cushioned paddle brush to even out your hair, along with the initial run of hollow brush.

right brush for your hair

Roots Brush No. RTS41: Rs 138

b. Teasing/Volumising
To tease your hair and give it some volume, you will need a fine comb. a thin-bristled and a large, round brush. It is easy to use and help create the ‘big-hair’ look easily.

 right brush for your hair

Kent 8T Authentic Handmade Rat – Tail Comb – 200Mm: Rs 649, Divo Eterna Radial Brush: Rs 132

c. Styling
For styling your hair and creating soft curls, you will need a thin, round brush along with a straightening comb.

 right brush for your hair

Corioliss Professional Straightening Comb: Rs 599, Denman Dhh2 Medium Head Hugger: Rs 995

Go back and check your brushing/combing tools and save your hair from damage. Do write to us if you have something to share.

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