Wear Your Heart on Your Hair: V-Day Hairstyle Ideas

Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore Valentine’s Day, which is just round the corner. If you are looking forward for a special outing with your sweetie, then you are sure to have thought of a lavish date. Even if you are spending it with parents or friends, there’s never a dearth of planning surprises for loved ones.

From heart shaped dresses to cute accessories you may have done it all, but what about your hair? Will you go plain-Jane straight or curls this time again? Try out a few adorable, classy yet funky V-Dayhairstyle ideas which are  heart shaped, here.

Heart in the Bun

The side bun and half hair bun are very common for a chic look. Now try this love bun.

V-Day Hairstyle Ideas

You need:

  • A big black elastic band or scrungie, used for regular hair tie.
  • Small plastic elastic bands.
  • Medium sized black rubber bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Hair accessories of your choice

Start by tying your hair in half ponytail or full, depending on your preference. Next take the bun rubber band (thick one) and divide it into 3 parts like a triangle and put small elastic on them to tie the 3 sections. Your heart shape is ready.

Next, take the section of your hair to be tied in a bun, and pass it through the narrow space in the middle of the big band, between the three corners. Now, look down and spread out your hair 360 degrees on your mane evenly on top of the bun (your hair should fall downwards). Take the medium sized band and put it on the triangle bun, which is now covered with your hair (over your hair). Look up and you will see a triangle shaped bun with left over hair.

Take that hair, twist it and pin it neatly below the bun or join it with your half ponytail. Take a bobby pin and secure loose ends. Finally, take a pin and pin it on the V shape of the triangle bun on the top to create a heart like look. End with hair spray. You may check the tutorial here.

Hearty Braid

This one is pretty simple. All you need to do is part your hair in the middle and make side braids. Then part your lower section into a heart shape and take those braids at the end of your hair and tie it into ponytail or bun.

V-Day Hairstyle Ideas

Waves Heart

If tying your hair is not your style, then try this. Take a small part of your hair on one side and tie two tiny braids. Twist them gently to form a number 9 shape, which will match with heart and secure with pins. Try hair spray for long lasting heart shape.

V-Day Hairstyle Ideas

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