5 Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Your Tomboyish Girlfriend

She’s not your run of the mill girl. She plays and beats you at your games, she carries her own luggage and can rough it out without being worried about her nails. If your lady matches these characteristics, then you’re in love with a tomboy.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Well, as much as she is fun, relaxed and adorable, it can get difficult to find her a gift. First, she is likely to not celebrate V-Day or she may not like the regular – flowers, candy, heart shaped balloon presents. Thus, we offer Valentine Day gift ideas for the tomboyish girlfriend.


She is one of the boys, hence, she may be an equal fan of NFS as you and your bros are. Why not give her the new version of her favourite video game or an accessory to go with it? These tom boy gifts surely, brighten up her V-Day. If she prefers hand-on sports, get her tickets to a cricket or football match, or even better sports or workout gear.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Outdoor Trip and Gear

A unique way to celebrate the day of love would be to take your lady on an adventurous trip trekking or mountain climbing. Get her exclusive gear in her favourite shade (read: not pink) and see that smile, which will brightens up your day.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Backpack with Goodies

Carrying a tiny clutchor tote is not really her style; she probably loves a sturdy backpack that holds all her stuff. If her old one is faded, get her a new one with thingamajigs on it. Get quirky badges, tech accessories, her favourite sitcom DVDs and more. Also, a little candy never hurt anyone!

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Mobile Cover: Rs. 649


If you want to do something big this Valentine, then shell out your salary and get her a new gadget. From Bluetooth handset to scribbling mouse pad, running gear, video game console, etc. Her technical mind will enjoy these items and she is sure to remember you. However, ensure that you distract her from that gaming console *wink, wink*.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Mobile Speaker: Rs. 2169

Quirky Stuff

It’s all the rage right now, superhero figurines, fridge magnets, bar accessories, kitschy dresses and bags, quirky message tees and more. Get her one of these items from online stores and she will definitely store it safely.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Tomboyish Girlfriend

Shot Glasses: Rs.250

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