Valentine Gifts for The Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is here, and you want the perfect Valentine gift for the perfect guy in your life. You’ve gone through the weirdos and found your man, so why not make him feel special? We know you’re definitely going to be getting goodies from him, so you should give some love right back! Here are some things we know that he will love.

1. Bake or Cook

I accept that a lot of us probably do not know how to cook, but I believe that doing it once in a while just makes it that much more special. Make him some simple but yummy pasta, or bake a delicious chocolate brownie. It makes it so much better that you put in the effort to create something instead of buying it. Wear a pretty dress while doing it. He won’t be able to take his eyes off how perfect you look even while you cook. Somebody thinking of Nigella yet?

valentine gift for men

2. Or Just Buy It

If you really cannot cook to save your life, we know a few places that could help you out. They would even personalize those goodies for you. You can find some beautiful cakes here. And maybe you can do a role reversal and take him out to dinner? A very feminist Valentine gift.

valentine gift for men

3. Movie Date Night

If he’s a movie freak, it’s simple. Put together a list of his favourites and have a movie marathon with snacks handy. Make a little party out of it, for just the two of you. Also, if those movies are action or gore, kudos to you for being there. He’ll love you more for sitting through those with him. He’s a great guy who deserves it, though!  And horror movies are good for cuddles too. Or, if you’re feeling creative, include the movies in the snacks.

4. Customized Clothes

Every time he wears it, he’ll think of you. So you have to make sure he wants to wear it more often. People wear those clothes most often that fit best and flatter their body. So what better gift than a customized shirt, made exactly according to his particular specifications?

valentine gift for him

5. Fun Options

Plan a trip, and include all his favourite things in it! Get a couple of tickets to his favorite sport, go on a vineyard tour, or buy him a classic watch. Maybe some of his favorite superhero related clothes or tech accessories. Or wear some of your hottest lingerie. It will be one of the best Valentine gifts he wasn’t expecting!

valentine gift for him

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These are a few Valentine’s Day gifts for the men in your life. Tweet at us @emlovesbooks and @get_inonit, and tell us what you’d like for your V-day!

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