Unique Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

They say – distance makes the heart grow fonder. However, the distance may also be difficult to cope with, especially if the people in the relationship are in different time zones. So, why not use every reason to make your sweetheart smile? We show you a few adorable gift ideas for your long distance boyfriend, this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas

Love Notes

You will need to get an old jar or wide-mouth bottle, coloured paper, and pens. Write your own personal nicknames and messages to him in a hundred different notes and fill them in the jar with confetti. Trust me, he’s going to take a whole day reading those notes and thinking about you! If you find that wrapping and sending a glass jar is tough, you may use a colourful plastic one.

Geeky Thingamajigs

Is he a TV series fanatic or a voracious reader? Why not give him geeky or superhero gifts? From USB drives to Lego mugs and more, the ideas are unlimited. The best part is you may order directly from the site that is local to his home and save on shipping costs.

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas

The Yesteryear Romance of Handwritten Notes

We found an awesome website that allows you to create a font of your choice, so no more errors in delivery of personalised, handwritten letters. You may email him pages of conversations, in your writing.

Hard Copy of your Emails

Publish a book out of your love letters and emails here. This is a quick, personal way to keep those memories forever and re-read them.

Your Story

Tell him a hundred reasons why you love him; we all love a bit of attention. You may even compile a story of how you met, fell in love and what you have planned for your future. A funny, interesting, romantic story always makes a good read, especially if it is your own.

Customised Items

You may find almost everything customised online from pillow covers to bags, mugs, mousepads and much more, for an ideal gift. You may get personalised boxers for him, so that he has you on his mind all day long. Another idea is to get couple gifts, wherein you both have parts of it with each other. For example, couple t-shirts.

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas

Through His Stomach

Get his favourite local dish or cake delivered to him as a surprise, with a help of a few friends in the city. Get to his heart, through his stomach.

Tickets to His Favourite Sport

You know he believes football or cricket to be his religion. Book tickets for him for one of the games in his city, and he is sure going to be thankful, and more than make up for it.

Seven Days Plan

Surprise him 7 days before V-day, send him one card, gift, cake and other items everyday of the week, and end with something big.


The best way would be at the end of the 7th day you show up at his doorstep with a bottle of wine and basket of goodies. You will ensure that he remembers this V-Day for a long time!

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