Vintage Sunglasses Online at Go Spiff

For those obsessed with sunnies, you are going to love Go Spiff. A shop that sells vintage sunglasses online, Go Spiff has a curated collection of glasses that are much hard to find around.
Time travel your way to the 40s, 70s or 90s with eyewear that is bound to turn heads (and roll eyes). The people behind Go Spiff handpick each item and some of them are hand crafted too.
Apart from funky names that catch your attention, the designs in itself speak of an era long gone. We loved their ‘Russian Spy’ goggles, an original 70s model and the Down with Depp glasses that are so chic and boho, we wanted wander away with this one!
They deliver worldwide and can be contacted by sending an email to
Shop from Go Spiff here, and enjoy this blast from the past!
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