Visit Sikkim in The Heart of The Himalayas

A gorgeous state where pollution and noise seem miles away and the smell of fresh air can rid you of all the worldly problems, Sikkim’s picturesque land will mesmerize you. Head to the heart of the Himalayas with Kipepeo anytime between October and May (being the best time of the year to visit) and experience the peaceful co-existence of the Bhutias, Lepchas, Limboos, Chettris and Gurungs in quaint villages. Of course, you’ll get to eat the best momos here!
In this ten days trip, drive to Kewzing from Bagdogra airport and visit beautifully massive monasteries and learn about the Buddhist way of life. Go for short hikes and head to Khecheopalri lake in Darap. Take walks along gorgeous villages and adjoining forests and participate in the daily activities of the village folk, like milking a cow, farm activities or bee keeping.
Visit the hidden paradise that is Dzongu where cascading waterfalls, verdant valleys with glacial streams are a breathtaking sight. Morning treks, a steaming plate of momos and shopping in the pretty market of Gangtok will also be part of your trip. For bookings, call them on 9930002412 or 9930980313 or send an email to
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