How to Pick the Best Colours For Your Skin Tone

Often there are colors that look either brilliant or down right strange on you. Well, that is because of your skin‘s undertone. Make-up experts suggest that knowing whether your skin is cool or warm  toned and dressing accordingly can make a huge difference to your overall appearance.

Learn about your skin’s undertone and wear shades that compliment your look.

How to Know Your Skin’s Undertone: Warm or Cool

The test for this is simple. Ladies, roll up your sleeve and look at your veins. If they look bluish, you’re blessed with a cool tone and if your veins appear to be green, you enjoy a warm skin tone.

Cool Skin Tone

You have a skin shade that is slightly more lemony or yellowish as compared to a reddish tone. You skin bears resemblance with that of Megan Fox and Kim K.

Warm or cool skin tone

If you’re a girl with cool skin tone, you should probably go for green, blue, magenta and purple for your wardrobe and makeup selection. Take a look at the colour palette we have picked out. Wish to don a lovely red or orange dress? Pick colours that are close to pink or deep green.

Warm or cool skin tone

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Warm Skin Tone

If you have warm skin tone, you probably have an underlying red or pink hue to your skin. Follow the footsteps of Beyonce and Kate Beckinsale and wear your make-up and apparel in the following tones.

Warm or cool skin tone

Ladies with a warm skin tone should stick to orange, yellow-green, warm red, browns and ivory as these best compliment your skin. If you wish to try blue and green, try shades that are more citrus based.

Warm or cool skin tone

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You shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with your looks and these ideas will help you dazzle while you’re at it. Need further tips on dressing for your skin tone? Give us a shout!

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