Ways To Hide That Tummy Flab


Losing weight is a task in itself. If you exercise regularly you are definitely on the path to getting in shape, but weight loss is not an overnight process. And for some of us, the tummy ends up being the problem area, especially on a day we are just feeling bloated and flabby. So, how do you manage to look a few inches slimmer in a quicker way? We share a few style tricks with you that will hide your flab and help you feel more relaxed and confident.

1. Dressing for your body type: Smart dressing is a key to disguise your problem areas. Wear long tunics if you have slender legs but carry a lot of weight on your tummy. Don’t mistaken this for wearing baggy or ill-fitted tops as that will make you appear large, not sleek. The fitting of the leggings will draw attention to your legs and take away the focus from your waist. When selecting tunics and dresses avoid clingy fabrics that will highlight your lumps, instead wear flow-y and structured ones. For example, the colorful maxi dress here.

Flowy printed dress cuts your flab.

Flowy printed dress cuts your flab.

2. Body Suits: You love that fitted dress but don’t have the nerve to wear it? Do not fret, body suits that fit you well are easily available and are very helpful in hiding any kind of flab whatsoever. These are made of a material that fits you snugly to give you a smoother and leaner look. Invest in one of these and they will truly save the day.

Bodysuit- Your companion for life!

Bodysuit- Your companion for life!

3. Prints and patterns: Print illusion is another trick to cover the flab. Opt for printed tops and dresses that will skim over the stomach rather than clinging to them. You will see that it will leave you feeling slimmer. Wearing the right size is the key to looking slim, too tight or loose will not be flattering. For eg: This printed tunic below would help diminish any appearance of flabbiness.

Prints make you look slimmer.

Prints worn right, make you look slimmer.

4. Structured silhouettes: High waisted empire line dresses or tops will highlight the upper part of your torso and skim over the stomach area, so as not to highlight it. Peplum styled tops or dresses like the ones shown below will help you achieve the desired look. Also keep in mind when choosing your bottoms; wear mid waist or high waist ones as these will help in flattening your stomach further.


Peplum; a smart choice for a curvy looking illusion.

Here are some quick don’ts that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid wearing items which you are not confident of. Jumpsuits or certain spandex tops wil not help in hiding your belly fat
  • Avoid skinny jeans, instead opt for straight fit ones
  • Don’t go for monotone dressing, it will make you look bigger than your actual size
  • Don’t wear tops that come half way; instead wear ones that cover your full torso

Sensible dressing is the way to appear slim. There is no reason to worry about whether you are a Size 0 or not, as long as you look fit, trendy and confident.

You now know the trick to dressing slim, but that does not mean you skip your gym sessions. And of course, do not forget to look stylish while sweating it out in your gym clothes.

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