6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Work Wardrobe

Ladies, when it comes to our office style we mainly aim at looking conservative and professional which can lead to some pretty drab outfits. You shouldn’t let your sartorial choices get too predictable and boring. We help you get out of that rut with different ways to brighten up your work wardrobe. Just because you mean business doesn’t mean you should look any less fabulous!

Don’t Ignore Colour

Many people stick to darker or neutral tones when it comes to their work wardrobe like black, grey, white, blue and brown. You don’t have to wait till Casual Friday for a pop of bright colour that will definitely add a bit of sunshine to a gloomy day stuck in the office. A chic blouse, scarf, necklace or bag in a pretty hue is the simplest way to perk up a usually dull ensemble.


Plaid Perfection

Plaid patterns are a classic trend that look fantastic for all types of occasions. You can definitely liven up your office style with a tartan shirt in bright red or a more-toned down blue. Pair it with a pencil skirt, cigarette pants or skinny jeans. You can add a cardigan on a cool morning or a blazer for a polished finish.


Statement Shoes

Some killer footwear is a fantastic way to up your style quotient even when you’re going to work. You can look professional in an outfit that is minimal but add a dash of chic with colourful shoes, printed pumps or cool ankle booties that are totally on-trend for this season. Extend you shoe fetish to your work style to rock some fashion in the boardroom as well.


Belt It

A quick style tip for when you’re running late in the morning is to add a bright skinny belt to liven up a boring get-up. Not only is it a good way to add some colour, but a waist-cinching belt is a fashionable way to elevate a boring blouse or shirt.

skinny belt

Add A Bit Of Sexy

Just because you’re going to work doesn’t mean you should look any less hot. A great way to look sexy while at work is with leather. A cool leather top or leather trims or panels on a blouse or jacket are just what you need to look fabulously trendy and give you an extra boost of confidence in your next meeting.


Skirt The Issue

You may like to wear the pants in your work relationships but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear some pretty yet business-like skirts to spice up your office style. Pencil skirts exude class and glamour and are an ideal choice for a work outfit. They’re perfect for flaunting your curves without showing too much skin, while looking professional. Another skirt that is apt for the workplace is the midi skirt for an elegantly mod style.

pencil skirt

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