5 Ways To Care For Your Feet Post The Monsoons

Rainy days are on their way out, which means you can ditch the monsoon footwear and wear those pretty shoes again. But before you step into your expensive heels or strappy sandals, you need to take a good, hard look at your feet. Thanks to the muck and dirt of the season, your feet have gone through a lot and might even have marks or infections. Here are five common foot problems that you need to look into.Ways To Care For Your Feet Post Monsoon

1. Blisters & Shoe Bites
Those rubber and plastic shoes can be quite a pain if your feet get wet and soggy. They bite right into your ankle or the little toe leaving bad blisters. Now that the monsoon is over, you can toss away the Band-Aid and wear flip-flops that help your wounds heal faster. Use naturally cooling creams and antiseptic liquids to clean it up.

2. Cracked Heels
The dry and wet combination of the weather can cause your heels to crack and look ugly. Use a cream that helps your foot heal as well as forms a protective layer for the hot month of October.

3. Calluses
The older blisters and shoe bites can leave a nasty callus on the foot. Use a skin-lightening and mark-removal cream, along with exfoliation, to get rid of them.

4. Smelly Feet
Even though the rain is gone, your feet can still have bacteria that cause a foul smell every time you remove your shoes. Soak your feet in warm water and clean them well. For further guidelines on dealing with smelly feet, see this.

5. Polishing Toenails
During the rainy season, dirt and using the same shoes can cause your nails and the layers between them to look dirty and chipped. Cut off your nails and go for a pampering pedicure that cleans your toes as well as helps new nails grow better.

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