7 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

You’ve heard it many times before—drink water to improve your health and beauty. But admit it—you may be over hydrating or being dehydrated. For the latter, we have a few genius suggestions that will solve the problem without too much effort. We give you tips to consume more water throughout the day without changing your schedule.
Ways To Drink More Water

1. Add A Bit Of Flavour
Add a few pieces of fruit or a bit of fruit juice to your drinking water bottle. It will impart a lovely flavour to your water, with the result that you will drink more than usual.

2. Have A Spicy Soup
On a day when you know you’re running around, order spicy food so that you’ll drink more water. And, if you order a soup, you will consume water as part of the appetiser, too.

3. Eat Your Water
Keep a target of having one or two fruits a day, along with your daily drinking bottle. This will help you consume more water as well as keep you healthy.

4. Equal Alcohol And Water
When heading out for a party, promise yourself you’ll have an equal number of alcohol and water glasses. This way you stay hydrated and avoid the nasty morning hangover.

5. Drink Up Every Time You Use The Washroom
At the office or home, make it a rule to drink a glass of water each time you visit the washroom (for nature’s call or simply to touch up your makeup). This will create a habit of consuming water subconsciously.

6. Use A Straw
Let’s face it: drinking water with cool straws was fun as kids. In fact, you probably drank more than you wanted. Apply the same logic now. Get a bottle with a straw and drink up!

7. Never Keep the Bottle Empty
Your drinking bottle at college or office should never be fully empty. The minute it reaches half or 3/4th of its capacity, fill it up again. This will ensure you finish more water than you normally do.

We’re sure these tips will help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Do share with us if you have more tips.

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