It’s Sex-O-Clock: 7 Ways To Get IN THE MOOD Without Wasting Time

In the beginning of your relationship, it’s really exciting and you can’t keep your hands off each other. But soon reality hits you—between work, home and family, you barely get any time intimate together; even if you’re living in the same house. Don’t worry, there is a solution. Here are seven great ways to get in the mood for sex which won’t take very long.

Ways To Get In the mood for sex

1. Plan And Then Some More
Alright, we know you’re really busy and sex is the last thing on your mind. Well, why not plan in advance and take some time out for your relationship and ways to spice up your sex life. We’re serious! Keep an allotted time during the day or night when you can simply think about your man and pleasing him. This will go a long way in switching your mood into a sexy one.

2. Look Sexy, Feel Sexy
What are you saving the pretty lingerie and red lipstick for? Wear sexy inners and dress up to work. We bet you’d be dying to see your man at the end of the day.

3. Create The Ambience
Remember when you took that weekend away and had a blast with champagne and candles? Well, you can recreate it without wasting too much time. Simply dim the lights and add aroma with an incense stick or candle. It’s that simple!

4. Focus, Focus, Focus
So you’ve planned and completed your chores; stop being distracted with the television or phone calls. In fact, even when you’ve decided to suddenly get intimate, turn off your phone (and your mind)—you’ll thank us and so will he. Often women say they’re not in the mood, but when they start making love they really enjoy it.

5. Get Sexty
If you’ve been putting off sex for a while now, it is time to rev up your mind and body. Exchange flirty texts with him all day and you’ll be all over him when you get back home. If he is too busy, try reading up on erotic literature or horror stories (!), as both will get your adrenaline rushing.

6. Prolong Your Hugs And Kisses
It’s adorable when you have a kiss before you go to work and a tight hug in the evening. We say extend that hug or casual kiss by about 30 seconds. Your body will automatically be ready to make love. Although, avoid it before going to work for obvious reasons!

7. Role Playing
Talk to him and once in a week, or once in two weeks, get naughty with role playing. It hardly takes time and makes you wait in anticipation for the next time you do it.

So, no more headache, kids or work-stress excuses; try these and we’re sure you will get that zing back in the bedroom.

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