6 Super-Smart Ways To Organise Your Jewellery

Men always complain that women are perpetually late. But little do they know that finding a lost earring or detangling a host of chains is a time-consuming process! Besides, let’s not forget the damage that tangle does to our jewellery. So we show you six super-smart hacks to store and organise your jewellery.

1. Old Frame
Find an old, jaded painting frame from the attic and paint it. Now add a few hooks and sponge strips and hang it near your mirror. You have a handy jewellery stand right there.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery 2. Ice Tray
Store your tiny earrings and rings in old ice trays and place them in your drawers. These will keep your jewellery segregated and easy to pick when in a hurry.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery 3. Used Bottles
Get used cola bottles and use them to store your bracelets, bangles and watches. You can even paint the bottles to add a bit of colour to your dressing table.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery

4. Earring Book
Cut a few pieces of felt in the same size and pin them to make a book. You can put your studs and small earrings in there and have a handy travel kit.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery5. Portable Drawers
Purchase these light portable drawers (shown in the picture) and sort your jewellery in these boxes. These are easy to use and can be kept in different spots in your room without too much effort. You can find them at the local plastic store.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery 6. All-In-One Jewellery Stand
Get your carpenter to create a mirror drawer (as shown below) with hooks and shelves to store your favourite pieces of jewellery.

Ways To Organize Your Jewellery

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