Five Ways To Reject A Valentine Date Offer Without Breaking His Heart

Valentine’s Day is coming up, as we all know. This is the time where you’ll find people make the worst mistakes, and guys will ask you out for no rhyme or reason. Or they’ll suddenly decide to fall in love with you. You’re a smart cookie though, aren’t you? You wouldn’t date someone just like that. You’re waiting for the connection with your Prince Charming. He hasn’t turned up yet, but in the meantime, there a lot of those proverbial frogs in the well. You want to get rid of them. Being the angel you are, you want to let him down easy – you’re looking for ways to reject a guy without breaking his heart. And since you’re an eternal optimist too, you want to be friends after the poor guy has made a fool of himself in front of you. I’ll help. All of these are excuses I’ve personally used at some point. Trust me, they work.

1. “I’m committed.”

Yeah, this works best. Honestly. Say you like someone else, and you’re keeping it under wraps, and you trust this guy enough to let him in on the secret. He’s going to be quite flattered that you shared something like that. This works better before he asks you out, when you start to get a hint of things to come. It also helps move towards the friend zone, because you can totally use the fact that you told him such a big secret as a sign of your friendship.

ways to reject a guy

Note: Ensure he is not friends with the guy you have a secret crush on. News travels fast, specially when he’s drowning his sorrows on boys’ night out.

2. “It’s long distance.”

This can only be used if you don’t know the dude well enough and he is not deeply integrated into your social life i.e. if the excuse you cook up is that you already have a significant other, make sure you mention “it’s long distance”. He says he wants to meet your non-existent boyfriend. What do you do? Send your boyfriend to another country. Preferably in another time zone.

ways to reject a guy

Note: Ensure that you don’t give too many details. There is a mess-up possibilty in making up such an elaborate story. Be very careful.

3. “I am not looking for a relationship at this point, I’m sorry.”

This one is if you don’t want to make the effort of creating an imaginary crush or boyfriend description in your head, you lazy girl. So you can just say you’re not looking for a relationship. Because you’re studying, love your job, hate your job, too much drama in your life, no drama, you have no time for yourself, you have other things to focus on, you need to find something to focus on, you’re busy trying to change your life, you’re busy trying to hold onto some semblance of structure in your life – the reasons are endless. Take your pick.

ways to reject a guy

Note: Ensure that you remember the reason so you can continue in the same vein everytime he brings up the topic. Don’t be forgetful in addition to being lazy.

4. “You’re like the brother I never had.”

Brother-zoned! After this, they’ll feel protective about you. This is good for guys who you know wouldn’t be mean about it or keep sulking for days. They’ll always be around and be there when you need them. This is actually a really good one because the guy will soon come to terms with the rejection and since he likes having you around, he’ll want you around in any capacity. This might actually make for a fulfilling friendship in the long run.

ways to reject a guy

Note: Ensure that your feelings are strictly platonic. Otherwise it’s just going to be weird if you fall in love with him four years later.

5. “I’m not ready to date you at this point.”

This works when you actually kinda like the guy a little bit, but not so much that you’d date him. In this case, you want to say no, but ensure that you keep the option open. This conveys the message properly. And if he has any sense, he will stick around. If not, he wasn’t right for you anyway. Good riddance.

ways to reject a guy

Note: Ensure the guy you are saying this to is sane. Or he’s going to turn into a stalker after convincing himself you’re in love with him and you’ll never be able to get rid of him.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you pretty people! xx

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