Style It: 6 Cool NEW Ways To Wear Your Scarves

Slip into something simple, throw on a scarf and there you go—your outfit looks so much better now, doesn’t it? Scarves are a fun way to accessorise your clothes. That said, aren’t you tired of wearing them the same old way? Here are six cool new ways to style your scarves. Go on, experiment away!

The Double Loop

the double loopMinka Kelly

The infinity or double loop is a simple and quick scarf style, which gives you a cosmopolitan look. Moreover, when you’re sporting this style, there’s no need to wear necklaces or chunky earrings as it does all the work for you.

1. Drape the scarf around your neck.
2. Tie a knot where the ends of the scarf meet.
3. Cross the scarves and form an ‘8’.
4. Put the bottom loop over your head and tuck the knot behind.

The Slip Knot

the slip knotJennifer Garner

Classy and chic, the slip knot is a popular scarf knot. This one suits both casual and formal outfits. Loose or tight fit—opt for whatever suits you with this scarf style.

1. Fold the scarf in half.
2. Wear it around your neck.
3. Bring both the ends of scarf through the loop.
4. Adjust the scarf however you prefer it.

The Turtleneck

turtleneckJessica Alba

This style flatters your neckline and, no, it’s not just something that is worn to keep you warm. Stick to a loose fit—you don’t want to end up strangling yourself.

1. Wear the scarf such that one end is longer than the other.
2. Loop the longer end around your neck three to four times in the same direction.
3. Tie a knot with both the ends of the scarf.
4. Tuck the knot neatly under the loop.

The Fake Knot

the fake knotSelena Gomez

The fake knot rests tidily on your outfit, making it a perfect match for business wear. The next time you put on boring formals, try the fake knot to perk up your look.

1. Wear the scarf around your neck.
2. Tie a knot on one side of the scarf end.
3. Loosen the knot.
4. Pull the opposite end through this knot.

The Waterfall

the waterfallMiley Cyrus

This style gives a ‘fall’ effect on your upper body. Make sure you choose a pretty print because the scarf attracts maximum attention in this casual style. This one works best with long scarves.

1. Loop the scarf around your neck once, allowing the ends to hang in front.
2. Take one corner of one end and tuck it in the loop of the opposite end such that it falls across your chest.

The Boa

tha boaSonam Kapoor

Ideal for open necklines, this style acts like the perfect necklace. For the boa, choose a printed scarf without much fabric. Sleek and pretty—that’s the way your scarf should end up looking.

1. Wear the scarf around your neck.
2. Wrap it around your neck once.
3. Start placing the scarf in the loop, starting from the left side.
4. Leave the other end hanging or tie a small bow if it’s too long.

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