12 Genius Ways To Style Your Hair Using Bobby Pins

We know that a single bobby pin can make or break your hair. And while it does not have super powers, it does work like a superhero for your hair. Here are a few genius ideas to use your bobby pins.

The Invisible Pin

1. Tighter Grip
Trying a French bun or side-swept hair? Use the texture spray on your bobby pins before wearing them in your hair. Your hairstyle is sure to stay longer as these offer better grip.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - spray

2. Long-Lasting Curls
Once you use curling tongs on your hair, pin them up carefully in sections until they cool off. Take them off right before you step out and see your hair have a healthy, curly bounce.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - curls

3. Voluminous Ponytail
Does your side pony look too flat and dull? Give it more volume with these pins. Tease your hair lightly, backcomb small sections and pin them together at the crown of your hair. Take another section on top to hide the teased hair and the pins. Tie a side ponytail as usual.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - side pony

4. High-er Ponytail
Keep your high, sleek ponytail from falling off and sagging by adding extra height to it. Once you tie the pony, insert a few pins below the pony in the rubberband and hair as show in the picture.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins- high pony

5. Unseen Pin Twist
Want to twist your hair without showing the pins? Use this easy trick. Twist your hair and insert the pin towards your face and let the hair strand hang loose. See the image to understand the twist.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - twist

6. Knotted Braid
Try this interesting idea for your braids. Instead of securing the ends with a band, use a bobby pin. Tie a small knot at the end and secure with these pins inside the knot.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - braid

7. Faux Bob
Get Gatsby-esque hair without chopping them off by giving yourself a faux bob. Famous with celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, this is a trick you must know. Tie your wavy hair into a low bun and tuck the ends at the base of your hair using pins.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - faux bob

The Styled Pin

8. Braid Fixer
When tying a braid in layered hair, you have short stands that fly or come off loose and look shabby. Secure these strands with colourful pins as shown below and look trendy.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - braid fixer

9. Cute Cross
Make your natural looking half ponytail last longer with coloured bobby pins crossed one on top of the other to create an X shape.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - cross

10. Ombré Pin
Overgrown, unruly bangs? Pin them with shaded bobby pins in a chevron style as shown in the image. Try an ombré effect matching the shades of your outfits.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - ombre

11. Trendy Triangle
Ditch the boring butterfly clip and try this triangle pin style for your hair. Pin the top two pins at a slight slant as tying your half ponytail. Add the last one horizontally only on the tied-up section of hair (not the hair below it). Use double pins to make the grip tighter.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - triangle

12. Hashtag Hair
Instead of the chevron design, tie your bang and a part of your side hair using the hashtag design as shown below.

Ways to Use Bobby Pins - hashtag

Already twisting and turning your hair using pins? Tell us if you have other fun ideas for the humble bobby pin in the comments section.

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