7 Super-Stylish Ways To Wear Your Tunics

Whether it is a rainy day while going to work or a last-minute plan to meet a friend, a tunic and denim is here to save the day. It looks simple, decent and stylish all at the same time. But did you know you can do so much more with the simple tunic or kurti? We show you seven super ways to wear your tunics.

1. As A Dress
Heading for the beach or want to try a new brunch look? Try wearing your long tunic as a dress. Style it up with a range of accessories, trendy bag and flats for the boho look. Get tunics here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
2. With Palazzo Pants

Wear a short kurti with palazzo pants instead of your regular denims and see your style transform. Wear it in a formal style with solid-coloured bottoms or with printed ones for a fun, flirty style. Get palazzo pants here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
3. With Stockings And A Jacket

Stock up your wardrobe for post-monsoon styles by adding cool jackets and stockings to your tunic look. This laid-back outfit will look best with minimal accessories. Find cool stockings here and jackets here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
4. With Shorts

A long top with short shorts? Yep, it can look simply stunning! Ensure that you pair prints with solid colours in your combo and show off your toned legs. Experiment with statement necklaces and stacked bangles. Find smart shorts here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
5. With A Tee
Wear two tops together! Yes, you can wear your long tunic with a crop top or tee for a beautiful layered look. Opt for A-line or flared tunics with a fitted tee. Check out the collection of tees here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
6. With A Fitted Vest

Whether you’re wearing your tunic with leggings, denim or as a dress, a vest will instantly transform a drab look into a smart one. Find pretty vests here. Ways To Wear Your Tunics
7. With A Long Skirt

Finally, a long top with a maxi skirt may be against fashion norms. But hey, aren’t we all about experimenting and breaking a few rules! Try this style and we’re sure you’ll thank us. Get maxi skirts here.Ways To Wear Your Tunics
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