A Cap and Tank Top for Superb Selfies: Stylist’s Secrets from Archana Walavalkar

We got celebrity stylist Archana Walavalkar to speak to us and give some inside styling secrets. Previously the fashion editor at Vogue, she is the brain child behind Style Cracker, the online styling website. So ladies, brace yourself for some cool and fun wardrobe help.

Archana Walavalkar

1. We take inspiration and even try to imitate celeb fashion. However, the credit goes to the stylist. Is there a particular celebrity who has a great personal style?

Sonam Kapoor! She has the aesthetics and actually gets it. Her versatility gives her the ability to carry off Indian as well as International couture effortlessly –  stylist or no stylist! Internationally, Rihanna stands out for her cool, casual yet experimental approach to style. She dresses her age and is true to her roots, I love that! Not as gaga as Gaga.

2. So-many-clothes-nothing-to-wear! Can you tell us 3 interesting/quirky tips to recycle apparel and accessories in our wardrobe?

When you buy an item, mentally map out three different ways you could wear it. This way, when in a crisis, you are covered. Each season invest in three basics you can recycle. This season get:

- A tunic dress in sorbet shades- accessorize with neutrals in the day and metallic for the night.

-The Boxy Tee- Oversized, printed, slogan-ed or plain. It will come to your rescue when needed most.

-Simple canvas shoes- An absolute must-have this summer! Pair with sporty or girly ensembles.

Tunic Dress

Tunic dress - buy here: 2100

Style Tip: When shopping, indulge more in accessories than clothes; they are easily reusable, recyclable and long lasting.

3. It’s end of the month and we need an outfit. Suggest a few good and cheap places for a broke girl to shop.

The export surplus stores in Bandra like Cotton On and other boutiques like God Made Me Funky and Coco (to name a few) are my picks. Also, for accessories and junk jewellery hit the streets, Hill Road and Fashion Street (shop no.66) are perfect for cheap and cheerful buys.

4. One outfit that works in all three seasons of India, and one styling faux pas we should avoid.

A tunic dress. It’s the perfect throw-me-on, when nothing else looks or feels right!

Wearing whites with colored lingerie is a complete no-no!

5. Suggest one underrated item that can completely turn around an outfit.

Nude stilettos pumps- an absolute must-have for every girls wardrobe.

Nude Pumps

Buy here: 3495

6. The quirkiest thing you bought recently.

Slave bracelets.

7. Let us in a stylist secret, please!

Always carry a pair of socks in your bag on a night out. You never know how long you’ll last in those stilettos!

8. Can you tell us one movie that has impeccable styling and is a fashion inspiration for you.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Fashion

9. What would be your pick of apparel and accessories, if you want a gorgeous picture/selfie?

A cap and a tank top.

If you’re wondering where to buy these things, you may head to Style Cracker Borough this weekend. We’ve asked Archana for a curated list on where to buy a/an:

a. Risque clubbing dress – Koesch

b. Summer dress – Ruchika Sachdeva

c. Wardrobe staple 
- Le Mill

d. Quirky jacket 
- Papa Don’t Preach

e. Statement jewellery piece – Akaliko

f.  Indian outfit for my best friend’s wedding (no budget) 
- Payal Singhal

g. Indian outfit for my best friend’s wedding (on a budget) – Arpita Mehta

h. Pair of bottoms that breathe 
- Below The Belt

i. Hair accessory 
- Simone Khambatta

j. Pair of heels/sandals – Sole Fry

Thank you Archana, we are sure these tips will help us dazzle everyone with our interesting picks.

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