How To Wear Distressed Jeans

While dressing up classy is nice, a little funk never hurt anyone. Go laid back this spring in your favourite pair of jeans…distressed jeans! And if you find yourself in new territory with this, don’t you fret for we are here to familiarize you with distressed jeans.

Distressed Jeans And Jacket

Distressed Jeans And Jacket Put your blazer to better use and wear it over your rugged pair of worn out jeans. After all wearing a blazer over formal pants is so mainstream. High heels, round sunnies and a scarf and keep the world guessing whether you are polished or laid back. If not blazer, opt for the globally trending bomber jacket.

Denim + Denim

Denim Look with distressed jeans
Denims are trending and wouldn’t you just love an overall denim look? Pair your distressed jeans with a denim shirt. Tie a knot or not- you’ll look gorgeous, smarty pants!

Oversized, Much?

Oversized Distressed Jeans
With women’s day around the corner and women empowerment being the current mood in the air, ladies cannot deny the comfort you feel in oversized boyfriend jeans. And if it’s ripped then even better! Wear it with a neutral tone shirt and a statement necklace to retain your femininity.

Add Some Quirk

Distressed Jeans With Quirky Top
Why do anything half heartedly? If ripped jeans are not making you feel funky enough, pair it with a quirky top for the looney bird in you. As you head out to grab some drinks, the boys will all be lookin’ hon!

Distressed Jeans + Crop Tops

Distressed Jeans and Crop Top

Flaunt your midriff in a crop top and ripped pants if you have a small waist. Throw in some necklaces, a couple of bracelet cuffs and let the world pass by as you walk with your headphones on, towards your favorite cafe.

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