How to Wear Ear Cuffs – The Hot Trend of 2013

Making a dramatic statement with ear cuffs.

Making a dramatic statement with ear cuffs.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Fashionistas across the globe are making loud statements with their ears. Yes, ears! Chandelier, studs, solitaries are becoming a part of the background chorus as there is a new grunge vocalist in town. We are speaking about the statement accessory of 2013 – Ear Cuffs. And this is your guide on how to wear ear cuffs.

Fuss about Ear Cuffs

As the name suggests, these items are cuffs for your ears worn near the cartilage. Often known as Kaffa, these exclusive pieces of jewelry were a hot trend back in the early 90s. It has now made a comeback at the 2013 punk themed Met Ball.

Soon after the ball celebrities like Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and their likes were seen sporting bling on their ears. Cuffs add a Goth and rebel look to your otherwise plain outfit and act as individual statement accessories.

Ear cuffs Hues of Ear Cuffs

When it comes to earrings there may be an almost infinite selection from long hoops to studs and many more. So, why should cuffs be limited to clips from the early 90s? In case of today’s cuffs, you name a style and you’ll find it. Feathers, crystals, pearls, metal, glitter, chains are all available to enhance your delicate ears.

Looking to add a twist to your good girl image, go the Emma Watsonway and get a few clips on your cartilage.
You can also charm your way into your guests’ hearts by getting crystal studded feminine cuffs. They are just the right confluence of subtlety and loud elegance.
ear cuffs sonam kapoor
Want to go punk rock style while still being girly? Check out the finest in fashion from Sonam Kapoor’s Greek winged cuffs.

rihanna ear cuffs

Are you the artsy type? Take a leaf of Vidya Balan’s look by embracing spiked gold cuffs with a traditional sari.

Wear cuffs how they were meant to be worn, as a rock star. Check out Rihanna’s spikes and attitude.

Cuffs and Piercings

Are painful piercings a big no-no for you? Are you worried your teenage daughter may ask to drill holes in her ears due to cuffs? Worry not! Ear cuffs are available in non intrusive variety too.

These pieces of jewelry may be worn by simple wrapping them around your ear cartilage. While the 90s designs were mainly designed to bring out the rebel in you, the 2013 designs are to create an impact with your look. The latest designs are seen with assorted styles that are ideal for all ages, tastes, themes and personalities. Opt for chic gold cut designs or ravishing red feathers. You may simply need to slip down these ear cuffs onto your cartilage or pin it with your hair.

It would be ideal to wear them when you have tied you hair up in a stylish up do or a messy bun. However, to experiment and to make it look subtle you may blow dry your hair in soft curls and leave them loose onto your cuffs. The soft waves of your hair combined with light sparkle will offer a mysterious sight.

While cuffs bring a whole new level of confidence and up your fashion quotient, you must be careful as they may often come across as over the top. Avoid wearing it for formal events, daily wear jewelry or probably a simple first date. Remember ladies, keep your bling exclusive to one part of your outfit; keep your outfit subtle if you plan on wearing ear cuffs.

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