Denims that Mean Business: Wear Jeans for Formal Occasions

One of the most versatile, comfortable and staple items in your wardrobe is a classic denim. Wear it with a tee on a casual outing or with a dressy top for a party, it works just fine. It is like water for your wardrobe, matches just about anything. But most offices and formal events have a strict no-no for denims.

However, if you’re like me and love wearing jeans everywhere, then wearing them to office also may be on your list. If you are not sure how to pull it off, here are a few ways in which you may wear jeans for formal occasions.

Wear Jeans for Formal Occasions

Picking the Denim

The first step to wearing your cosy denim at your work cubicle is picking the right one. Try to stay away from the faded blue or shaded and opt for a single coloured one. Cool shades like black, grey, navy blue usually do the trick. Prints, ripped jeans, fancy embroidery, sequence is a complete no-no. Wear pants that are just the right fit. Loose, ill fitting ones will not do.

Picking the Top

This is where your entire look of denim may change from casual to formal; hence, you have to pick the top that is just right. Opt for a long frill peplum, tucked in classic shirt or a fitted top with scarf or other layers. Ensure that the fabric of your top is of rich material like chiffon or linen. You may pick subtle prints, bold shades and more to match your bottom wear.


It is important to layer your look well to formalize. Cover it up with an interesting printed scarf and wear it in fun ways. For an evening occasion you may wear a well fitted jacket or a blazer. If you want to be a fashionista opt for a cropped jacket that’s so in.


Belts, jewellery, shoes and bags; just what you need to complete that chic and classy outfit. Wear dressy shoes like moccasins, loafers or heels at your office, and combine with a nude shade bag. Keep your jewellery minimal.

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