What’s Your Closet Personality? (And How You Can Get Over It!)

Do you know who you really are, the kind of life you secretly want or the problems you face regularly? Head to your closet to discover the real you! That’s right, what you have stashed away in your wardrobe (messy piles included) tells your story—even if you don’t know it!

You Are What You Wear and A Stocked Closet

1. Clothes Fall At Your Feet When You Open Your Wardrobe… But You Never Have Anything To Wear
You may like the idea of filling your wardrobe with clothes that comfort you without realising that they actually have the opposite effect. You’re probably a compulsive shopper and end up buying similar clothes in different colours or stick to familiar patterns and shapes.
You Are What You Wear and Lots Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear

Fix It: The next time you’re tempted to head to the mall, make it a point to sort out your wardrobe. As a rule, junk anything you haven’t worn in the last five years. Arrange your clothes in neat piles according to how frequently you wear them. Make a list of what you absolutely need to buy and make sure you have a steely determination while shopping. Remember: messy closet, messy mind.

2. The Idea Of Doing Away With Stuff From Your Closet Sends Chills Down Your Spine
If you are still holding on to your denim jacket from a decade ago and absolutely refuse to part with that pair of jeans even though it’s two sizes too small, in all likelihood you are still clinging on to an old relationship, an image of who you used to be or places that you have been to. It’s okay to hold on to some good reminders, provided they aren’t getting in the way of who you want to be but constantly being reminded of who you were will stop you from venturing out to do something new.
You Are What YOu Wear and Don't Hold On To Clothes That Don't Fit Anymore

Fix It: Remember that clothes are just that—nothing more than a physical reminder of a past experience. If you don’t want to throw away some special items, pack ‘em off in a neat box and stash it away somewhere out of sight but close enough for you to reach out when you’re getting too nostalgic. Organise the clothes according to sizes and give away the ones you know you will never fit into, like a pair of jeans that are the wrong size. Try and get creative with things you might fit into…or, better yet, head to a tailor!

3. You Have A Whole Row Of Brand-New Items, With Price Tags In Place To Prove It
It may seem like a little extra harmless shopping, but maybe the need to overload your shopping bags runs deeper. You may be trying to fill in a void of a personal relationship gone bad or simply trying to convince yourself that you’re okay while internally you may be a mess. If none of the above ring true for you then probably you fantasise about an alternate life and are stocking up for whenever that big transition happens.
You Are What You Wear and Dig Into Your All-New Stash

Fix It: Make it a point to wear something from your all-new stash at least once a week. There will never be the ‘perfect’ occasion for most of the items in this pile, so why not just include them in your daily wardrobe? Also, the next time you reach for your credit card at a store, ask yourself whether you have something to pair your outfit with. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and buy it. But if not, drop it like a hot potato; until you find something to wear with it, it’s better off in the store.

4. Your Life Revolves Around The Blacks, Browns, Blues and Beiges
All your life you’ve been playing it safe. Maybe you’ve been hiding your weight or are too conscious of your skin tone to trust how you would look in brighter shades. You only go for familiarity and don’t really want to call any unwanted attention towards yourself. Given a preference, you’d want to blend in with the crowd and stay there forever. You definitely give off a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe.
You Are What You Wear and A Stack Of Blue JeansFix It: The key to breaking away from a pattern is to start by taking baby steps. Start off with similar yet different tones. If you like blue, experiment with corals, greens or aqua shades. If you are reluctant to do away with your blacks, try a softer shade or introduce a shade of grey. It’s always a good idea to introduce bright shades in small doses… think red heels with a gorgeous LBD or deep green ones with a beige outfit.

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