6 Ways To Make Sure Your Sexy Strapless Dress Stays Put

We get it, strapless dress have their own special charm, showing the delicate shoulders and neck. But if you’ve worn one you’ll know how annoying it can be to constantly keep pulling up the dress and ensure there’s no wardrobe malfunction. And let’s face it—you hate those weird-looking, transparent straps. We show you six tips to ensure that your strapless dress stays right in its place.

1. Right Fit
First off, you need to wear a dress that has a perfect fit. No, we don’t mean something that fits decent, but a dress that will fit you like second skin. It can’t have a single loose-end, else it will look ill-fitted and fall off without a warning. The best way to test this is when you try on your dress, bend forward and get up with a jerk. If the dress stays or is only slightly off it is fine, else find another size. Check out strapless dresses here.

2. Get Bony Dresses
Ideally, you should opt for strapless dresses that have bones. We mean that offer some sort of support with in-seam hard material. It looks similar to a corset inside the dress. These ensure that your dress will not slip easily.

Wear Strapless Dress 3. Tape It
The sticky tape is a girl’s best friend when it comes to being fashionable. Use two-way tapes to ensure that your dress stays right where it’s meant to be. It can even work wonders with strapless bras. Get the tape here.
Wear Strapless Dress

4. Layer It
If going for a casual outing, pair a shirt or a tee with your dress. Cloth offers better hold as compared to your skin and helps the dress defy gravity.

Wear Strapless Dress 5. Pin It
If you have a well-fitting strapless bra, pin the inside of your dress with the bra. If the bra doesn’t move, the dress won’t either.

6. Wear A Wired Corset
If you are heavy-busted, try wearing a boned, strapless corset that fits you like second skin. Pin the dress with the corset and you’re ready to go all day with bare shoulders. Buy corsets here and here.
Wear Strapless Dress

Do write into us if you have other interesting tips for wearing strapless dresses.

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