Hot or Not? Wearing sneakers with dresses

Rihanna and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Rihanna

Wearing sneakers with dresses-seems obvious that these don’t go together. Or do they?

Recently, we’ve been seeing stars like Rihanna and Taylor Swift completely pull off the sneakers with dresses look successfully and creating a balance between feminine and masculine elements.

It’s a trend that you will either love or hate. While making the look more dressed down, it’s a really fun way to add some variety and throw in an unexpected fun element to any outfit and a great way to transform some of your night outfits into day. Make a party dress look instantly cooler and make a floral summer dress look vintage.(Don’t forget to throw on a pair of Windsor glasses)

Wear it right and you’ll have yourself a cute , comfy and trendy outfit. And who doesn’t want to give their feet a break from those towering high heels?

Here are a few tips if you decide to embrace the trend.

Keep it low key

This style works best when it is kept as effortless as possible. Avoid bodycon dresses and stick to flowy silhouettes like skater dresses.If you do want to dress up the look you can try sparkly or studded sneakers.

Mix and match

Experiment with prints and textures. If you’re trying on a polka dotted dress, try pairing it with polka dotted sneakers, a la Taylor Swift.

Sneakers dresses

Understand the length

Unlike heels, sneakers do not have a visually elongating effect on your pins, hence it’s important to understand and pair your sneakers with the right lengths. Girls on the petite side can create the illusion of longer legs by wearing a short dress with low cut sneakers.

Avoid dresses with lengths between the knee and ankles. A mini dress will look cute with a pair of high top sneakers.
If you’re blessed with endless legs like Deepika Padukone, try pairing a flowy maxi skirt with a pair of low cut sneakers for an edgy casual look.

Material of the sneakers

Choosing the perfect pair of sneakers for your dress depends a lot on the style of the dress you’re wearing. If your dress is made of a lightweight material like cotton, choose sneakers that are made of materials such as canvas.

We’re all on board with this fashionable trend. Do you think sneakers should be kept solely for the gym? Let us know.

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