Wedding Photography Turned Into Fine Art

Weddings. How we Indians have fine-tuned this art of generous giving, delightful receiving and the forming of innumerable unspoken bonds! Or have we? Don’t the titbits of a wedding ceremony still pull you into a reverie that is difficult to come out of? Isn’t there so much beauty in the flowers tucked in the bride’s braid, in the smudged teeka on the groom’s forehead and the unbridled joy etched so clearly on the faces of both their parents?
Don’t let these poignant moments pass you by as you get embroiled in the many rites and rituals. Let Hami take over as they promise to create memories from these moments, while you enjoy the many happenings of your special day.
Hami, which means an adorable peck on the cheek in the Bengali language, has been translated here as the kiss of the rays of light on a film negative. Specializing in wedding photography, they promise to come and translate your moments from real to reel that you can watch long after you’ve said ‘I do’.
To get your very own fine art wedding shoot, you can call or email them, tweet to them or even send them a message on Facebook. You can also first check out the demo of the coffee table book that will store your precious memories. You will need to share with them your dates, venues and timings for the wedding and other functions well in advance in order to block theirs. You can get a DVD of your selected best images or a coffee table book, depending on your preferences. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect gift for your beloved sister-to-be-bride? They are available for bookings all across India.
To get in touch with them, you can call Tamagna at 9769988980 or email them at or You can also check out their Facebook page by clicking here.
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