The Week That Was: 9th to 16th March

Hi dahlings! I’m sure you all have your sunny vibe on as the week begins on a rather unholy note. While some of you recover from that crazy hangover and the rest of you laugh at those painted red and blue from the comforts of your own home; do enjoy the excerpts of the week that was. 

1)  Kudos Riteish Deshmukh!

I’ve always thought this guy was uber cool and he’s proved me right yet again. This time by graciously accepting the not so prestigious Ghanta Award. To give you a little background, The Ghanta Awards is an award presented in recognition of the worst in Bollywood.  Riteish Deshmukh surprised everyone this year by turning up to collect The Ghanta Award 2014, which his movie Grand Masti won in the Anything But Sexy category. He got a standing ovation for being such a sport. Did you know? He’s only the second celebrity who has ever attended and accepted a Ghanta Award, the only other being Sonam Kapoor (she ‘won’ for her acting in Mausam). Love it when Bollywood displays a sense of humour; nice to know some of them have a funny bone after all.


You’re A Winner!

2)  Hello JLO

You have to watch Jlo’s new video I Luh Ya Papi yourself. The feminist in me loves it for its one video that objectifies men instead of women. Don’t worry, it still has JLO doing her thang with her signature moves and amazing body (btw is she really a mum!?). Anyhow you’ve got to love her for trying to bring about a change. Dear men, you better get used to it, this girl may have just started a trend.

3)  Pi Day

And we thought it just Indians who needed a reason to celebrate. But apparently March 14 (so the date reads 3.14 according to the US calendar) is celebrated annually as Pi Day . Pi Day is an opportunity to promote mathematics education and remind students that the math they’re learning is used every day by real people in the real world –from engineers to builders to programmers to accountants and even journalists. It’s a cute concept especially for people like me, who have never really had fun with Math. Apparently, another thing that happens on Pi Day is, you eat Pie. Now it sounds like a celebration, don’t you think?

Belated Happy Pi Day

Belated Happy Pi Day

4)  Backstreet’s Back, Awright!

You sang that, didn’t you? Well you have every reason to sing, or at least your teenage self does. In news that’s larger than life for anyone who grew up in the 1990s, The Backstreet Boys announced plans to bring the group’s world tour beginning in May. Unfortunately at the moment their plans are only to cover North America. Worth taking a trip ya think? You would have done it in a heartbeat 15 years ago :)

Backstreet Boys

Of Childhood Dreams

5)  Not Just Another Rant

I’ll leave you with this oh so relevant and fabulously executed monologue (Titled Just Another Rant) by the amazing Kalki Koechlin that’s gone viral over the week. Here she eloquently and accurately voices the thoughts of every Indian woman…God knows we needed someone to put it so well for us. Not to be missed:

6) Lakme Fashion Week

Designers, bollywood celebs, fashionistas, merchandisers, journalists, socialites were all to be found at Grand Hyatt Mumbai for the 5-day  long Lakme Fashion Week. From Manish Malhotra opening, to the grand finale by Rajesh Pratap Singh, be sure to read all the updates here. In spite of the #selfie getting quite tiresome, we have to say the cutest moment by far was Shantanu and Nikhil’s group selfie at the end of their show on Day 4.


Till next week, be good. Actually scratch that. Don’t be good. A week that starts with a holiday calls for week-long celebration sprinkled with debauchery. Agreed?

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