The Week That Was: Let’s Focus On Happier Things

I would like to start this week’s round up, with two confessions:

1) It’s been a relatively boring week. To make matters worse, it’s been garnished with a generous dose of unpleasant events. Now I know that a lot of times, The Week That Was has included a fair round-up of the week; with matters going beyond entertainment. But this time, I don’t feel like going there. I just feel that you guys read The Week That Was because it’s a light, breezy, fun read on Monday. Besides, as if Monday needed more nightmares! So today, I’ve omitted all the sad stuff. I know it’s out there in this world, I know it’s happening, but it’s not part of this round-up.

2) Last week, as you know, was exceptionally happening. And while I tried to cover everything, I still missed out on some stuff. So I’ve included it in this week’s round-up. Better late than never, huh? :)

And with that I present to you: The Week That Wa

1)    Look What’s Cooking!

Did you enjoy the trailer of YRF’s latest, Daawat-e-Ishq? Methinks the lead pair looks good enough to eat! I think they’re going to make a wonderful team, and their chemistry is as sizzling as hot oil in a kadhai (okay, I’ll stop with all the food metaphors.) Set in beautiful Hyderabad, I’m looking forward to this one. Such a break from all the North capers, no?

2)    Ryan Gosling Is A Papa To Be!
Girls, let’s take this in our stride. While American girls are mourning, let’s be happy for him. *Stifles a sob* To be fair, our parents wouldn’t approve anyway. Yes, heartthrob Ryan Gosling, 33, is a parent in the making for girlfriend Eva Mendes is certified preggers. Eva, 40, is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend. Whether they will get married soon, or at all, is uncertain. Meanwhile, they are preparing for parenthood. On a side note, his ex Rachel McAdams (remember this hit pair from The Notebook?) is busy drowning her sorrow in alcohol in France. Well, can ya blame her?

The Week That Was InOnItThis One’s So Funny, I Had To Ignore The Spelling Error


3) Salman In Shuddhi
You wouldn’t think someone like Karan Johar would have trouble casting for a movie. But if  we had a penny, or better still, a Dharma stock for every time this movie has been in the news for its casting woes, we’d be r-i-c-h! Yes, Karan Johar initially wanted to cast the dream pair of Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. This would be a total casting coup as the two used to be linked and haven’t worked together since a long time. But after Hrithik delayed the project, Kareena opted out and for a while there it looked like the movie would be shelved altogether. After that, there have been all sort of rumours about it. But it doesn’t matter, because Bhai to the rescue! Salman Khan has said a big, fat yes to the movie; now let’s see who’s cast as his lady love… make it interesting, Johar!

 The Week That Was InOnItAn Unlikely Duo

4) Mary Kom
One look at this poster and it totally justifies what she said on Twitter as she shared the first look of the film:

“Heart. Blood. Sweat. Soul. I’ve given it my all. Over to you guys now! #MaryKomFirstLook #FightLikeAGirl goes”

Every time you think this girl cannot outdo herself, she just does. Look at that body; I can’t even imagine the preparation that must have gone into this role of a lifetime. Looks like complacency is a word PC doesn’t understand!

 The Week That Was InOnItYou Go, Girl!

5)    Fifty Shades of Bey
Just when you thought Beyoncé couldn’t get any hotter, she goes and associates herself with the most awaited movie of all times! The singer surprised Fifty Shades Of Grey fans everywhere by giving them a sneak peek of the red-hot film. She posted a short clip on her Instagram which has a slower and more sensual version of Crazy In Love—which made the treat that much hotter. Apparently the trailer of the movie releases later this week. Are you excited? :)

This Is What She Posted

That’s it on The Week That Was. Until next week, stay happy and stay InOnIt. Don’t forget to give me your feedback, comments and advice by tweeting to me @get_inonit and @SmritiNotani. Have a great week you guys!

Photos courtesy:, mid-day, newindianexpress

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