The Week That Was: A Melting Pot Of Entertainment

Hello dahlings, I hope you had a lovely, heartwarming Sunday. I don’t just say that because it was a Sunday and I love Sundays, but also because it was Mother’s Day. On the off chance that you didn’t get to celebrate, don’t worry; for I bring you The Week That Was. Order in some good food, open that bottle of wine and sit with mum as you take in the celebrity life; one engaging story at a time.

Twitter Joins Rajinikanth
Yes, if we had a penny for every time we heard that joke in the past week, we’d be rich enough to indulge in some hardcore retail therapy. But I guess that’s what happens, when THE Rajinikanth finally takes to twitter. When I checked last his follower count was—get this—3,56,000. Yes, he’s achieved this with precisely three tweets. Sigh! Some of us have been trying to up our follower count since forever. So whatevs, Thalaivaa. Whatevs!

(PS: This new social media bug looks like it’s totally shortlived and it’s only for the promotion of his new film Kochadaiiyaan. But, obviously, only time will tell.)

Rajinikanth The Week That Was

Monica Lewinskwho?
Suddenly heard this name after so long! Rumour has it that Former US President Bill Clinton will finally publicly apologise to former mistress and shamed White House intern Monica Lewinsky for the way the Clinton political operation treated her after their affair (Aha! That’s where you know her from) a decade and a half ago. For years Lewinsky has contended that that they engaged in a ‘consensual relationship’ despite being painted by Clinton and his allies as a ‘stalker’ during the scandal. She maintains in an essay published in Vanity Fair this week that it took two to tango. We are sure, Monica, we are sure.

Monica Lewinsky The Week That Was


A Decade Since Friends
I know it feels like just yesterday—but that’s also because you were  really watching Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Pheobe yesterday from the comfort of your couch. Yes, we believe in reruns and the Friends kind never gets old. The internet has been ablaze all of last week with different articles doing the rounds on the show. What it taught us, however, was that there will never be another Friends (Hell, ya!). Unfortunately, there also seems to be no hope for a Friends movie or reunion show. Well, as I type this, I’m depressed. Why don’t you read this super fun article as I reread it to lift my spirits and once again smile as I think of my most favourite show ever!

Friends The Week That Was



Hit me PC one more time?
Admit it, Britney songs remind you of your school/college self. Indulging in some good ol’ nostalgia is always allowed. The two posed for the shutterbugs in Vegas earlier this week. Way to go, Piggy Chops!

Priyanka Chopra Britney Spears The Week That Was
Mad About This Mad Man
Hello Don Draper, we are ecstatic Madame Tussauds has a version of you. We’ll settle for having a drink with him, instead of the original Jon Hamm. *Sigh*

Jon Hamm The Week That Was
Another Kapoor Khandaan Debut
Yes, Raj Kapoor’s grandson Armaan Jain (his mother Reema Jain is Raj Kapoor’s daughter) makes his debut opposite Deeksha Seth. But apart from the Kapoor acting genes (sure, the more the merrier), I’m actually more excited about the fact that the movie has been directed by Imtiaz Ali’s brother Arif Ali. And it doesn’t end there! Music for this romcom is by none other than the maestro himself, AR Rahman! Okay, enough of a build-up—go watch the trailer already!


I think I have entertained you quite thoroughly for now. See you next week! Till then, stay charming, my dears.
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