The Week That Was: From Outer Space To Homeland

Hello, all you lovely people. I don’t mean to inflict my philosophical mood upon you all, so I’m going to skip the story and go straight to the moral; which would have to be ‘the show must go on’. So no matter what kind of week you had, it’s over. A new one has begun and the proverbial show goes on. Make sure you take centre stage and shine like a frickin’ star. But before that, a recap.

The Week That Was InOnIt


When Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan get together, is it even possible that they don’t make waves? In the first look of their new collaboration, a bare-bodied Aamir is seen walking on a railway track absolutely nude with a huge radio protecting his modesty.

Aamir shared the first look of his new film on Twitter, ‘What do you think guys? Tell me fast… butterflies in my stomach!!!’

Actually Aamir, we don’t know what to think. It’s interesting for sure, we’ll give you that much! He apparently plays an alien in the movie, hence the bare act. Well, we have a hunch he’ll make the cutest alien… just look at those naturally protruding alien ears :D

The Week That Was InOnIt


Homeland Beckons
Hit US TV show Homeland fans may now rejoice as a familiar face is about to show up on your screens. Yes, our very own Nimrat Kaur is going to be on the next season. You may remember her for her nuanced performance in The Lunchbox or the fresh face in the Cadbury ad currently on air.

She has been chosen to essay the role of a high-level operative within Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence and is currently away shooting in Cape Town.

You go girl, make your homeland proud!

The Week That Was InOnIt


The Boss Wife Controversy
Seen the new Airtel ad yet?

All week social media has been abuzz with the tons of mixed reactions pouring in over this newest piece of communication from the Airtel stable. And like many others, I too opine: “Hire a darn cook, you ridiculous people.” That apart, I’m open to discuss and debate the depiction of women in media and role in Indian society! Care to venture, anyone?
(PS: Check this out, hilarious read.)

First there was the horrible split and subsequent divorce. Then there were the alimony rumours. Then there was lot of speculation and soon after, there was a clarification asking us not to believe in that rubbish! Hrithik Roshan and interior designer wife Suzanne Khan’s decision to walk out of their 13-year-old marriage came as quite a shock to Btown last year. Based on hearsay, Suzanne demanded Rs 400 crore from ex-husband Hrithik as alimony. It was also reported that Hrithik agreed to pay Rs 380 crore in settlement.

But then, he tweeted this and put all rumours to rest:


Katy Perry
Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Or are you the kind who hears her songs playing in the gym and gets hooked on to them without realising it? Either way, the crazy pop sensation is out with her latest video and it’s all kinds of bizarre. From the lyrics to the many outrageous wigs, you can’t miss this one. Also, does she know that the animated ice cream cone is twerking? Ah well, it’s no big deal! *sings it*

That’s it on the week that was! Hope your show goes on, goes well, and is sold out :D

Have an awesome week, and don’t forget to reach out to us @get_inonit and @SmritiNotani.


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