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Shor Sharaba brings you pop art and kitsch with Buddha clocks, vintage print iPad covers, funny coasters, and funky coffee mugs. Founded by Trsha Ganeriwal Jhaveri and Rasshi Ganeriwal, Shor Sharaba is all about their little mad world full of Nautanki and Filmygiri. Here’s an excerpt from a quick chat with Trsha the SHOR who also speaks on behalf of her SHARAB(I)A partner Rasshi.
ShorSharaba collage

Shor Sharaba available on www.shop.inonit.in

To begin with, what inspired you and Rasshi to come up with Shor Sharaba?
Shor Sharaba was never planned. It just happened a little more than a year ago! It was an outcome of all the things we do, behave and think over the years – spunky, quirky and super funny!
Your collections include?
Shor Sharaba creates cushion covers, coasters, iPad bags, laptop bags and sleeves, mugs, wooden boxes, wooden platters and clocks. Our collections mainly cater to the tastes of the young urban Indian.
What sparks an idea for Shor Sharaba’s designs?

Our inspiration is movies as well as people around us. In short, it’s anything that’s entertaining.

What’s your favourite from your collection?
Everything Filmy. We love them! Phata Poster Nikla Hero.
Reveal to us what’s in the pipeline.
A whole new range for kids and young adults. Stay tuned!


As told to Suezelle D’Costa 

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