Welcome Your Virtual Cooking Master

If you’re anything like me, then your culinary repertoire, I am sure does not feature any gastronomical heavyweights. You have obviously been ridiculed time and again for your lack of know-how that according to ‘them’ should at least extend to names of pulses, spices and some such things. There have also been times that this almost-handicap of yours has turned into a life lesson with your mom explaining (?) to you the importance of self-reliance and the joys of feeding others with love.
Well, here it is then: A Youtube channel, ReadySteadyEat that focuses on teaching you not just the nuances of cooking but also big and small recipes and other things that you might be too embarrassed to ask anyone. Manned by 3 gourmet Gods, Saloni (a cooking expert, a dessert baker and a cooking teacher), Kanak (an ex-Masterchef India contestant) and Harsh (a food blogger and caterer), they will take you through this journey and make the art of cooking a pleasurable, simpler experience for food aficionados the world over! To tempt you, they’ve included vegetarian recipes, non-vegetarian recipes, snacks, desserts, Indian sweets and more in their digital cook-book.
Only 8 months old, they are already over 4500 subscribers strong and with good reason too! Vlogging allows building of a community and ReadySteadyEat explores this potential to the tee. With foodies commenting on their videos with doubts, suggestions and compliments, the interaction is always kept alive between the gurus and the shishyas.
Click here to visit their Youtube channel and start cooking!
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