Wham! Boom! Ka-Pow! An afternoon of comics and cartooning

GET: An afternoon which will feature a workshop by experienced cartoonist and animator Abhijeet Kini on the finer points of making comics – Storyboarding a comic script, acting out the situations in a script for expressions, and the entire process of comic making from start to finish – from a sketch, to inking, to finally adding the colours.

IN: Mocha Mojo (Bandra)

On: Saturday – 5th February. 12 – 3 pm

IT: This activity is in association with The Annual Indian Comics Convention which is the first ever comics convention in India, bringing together comic artists, writers and comic book fans from across the country on a single platform, to promote and support the Indian comics industry, and to celebrate the illustrated medium.

About Mocha Trip

Mocha TRIP is a place where you can do the little things you love, show your stuff to others who share your interest and where the curious can come for new experiences – From Comics and Comedy, Music and Books to Cycling.

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