What Does Your Dressing Style Say About Your Age?

As you advance from a shy teenager to a confident woman and working professional, your sense of fashion evolves too. What you wear speaks volumes about your personality and age. We tell you what your dressing style says about the number of birthdays you’ve had and how you can break free from that stereotypical mould.

16- 20
You’re finally ditching those boring school uniforms and working your personal style in college. You’re likely to pick bright shades like pinks and yellows, while showing off your skin in strappy dresses and tank tops. While you do follow trends, your biggest influences are teen celebrities.

What Does Your Dressing Style Say About Your Age - Selena Gomez
Think out of the closet: You are young and this is your time to experiment. Develop your own style by creating different looks with the same piece of clothing. We suggest you invest in some all-season staples for your wardrobe.

You’ve just started your professional life and you want to be taken seriously. Your wardrobe has a mix of hot trends, both in casual and work wear. Prints, denim, crop tops and culottes rule your closet.

What Does Your Dressing Style Say About Your Age - Jennifer Lawrence
Think out of the closet: We like how you try new trends, but you need to wear them as per your body type and learn more about your fashion strengths and weaknesses. Add some sombre staples to your outfits, along with your modish dresses.

Your personal style is chic and balanced. You have an eye for trends, but have a host of staple outfits that you wear in many different ways. You follow your friends, peers and other fashion-forward women for inspiration.

What Does Your Dressing Style Say About Your Age - Lupita
Think out of the closet: Okay, so you seem to have figured your wardrobe out pretty well, but there’s always room for experimentation. Visit your younger years from time to time and pick a piece or two from there to incorporate into your more mature look. We recommend bright colours, sultry cut-out dresses and cutesy shorts.

Whether for work, a party or a casual outing, you know just the thing to wear. While you do have an idea about the latest trends, only a few of them find their way into your cupboard.

What Does Your Dressing Style Say About Your Age - Kim K

Think out of the closet: We know you follow the ‘dress your age’ adage quite strictly, but fashion is all about breaking the rules. Go with newer trends and surprise your near and dear ones occasionally. We suggest you invest in interesting pieces like risqué dresses, crop tops, bodycons and more.

Revamp your wardrobe and have fun with new outfits. Check out cool clothes here.

Do you have a peculiar dressing style? Try our tips and let us know what you think. Write to us in the comments section or tweet to us @get_inonit and @stereowrite.

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