What NOT To Do When Throwing A Surprise Party

Planning a surprise? Oh, you’re in for a stressful rollercoaster ride. It’s fun, but it’s dreadful. What NOT to do when throwing a surprise party is KEY to making it a successful one. Read on to know how you can get that face you love, beaming with joy after everyone screams SURPRISE!

Firstly, if you’re throwing a surprise party, don’t talk about the surprise party!

No Gossip Girl sessions. Secrecy may be seldom followed otherwise, but when throwing a surprise, make sure all the invitees swear to secrecy. More often than not, they will end up absent mindedly blabbering out the whole plan. So keep the communication simple, direct and inform them only when the plan is final.

Don’t go by Indian standard time. If the surprisee is to arrive at 9 pm, the invite should say 8 pm sharp.

Parental guidance. A foolproof way of holding a surprise party is informing the surprisee’s family about it, so they can keep family plans aside and at the same time help you in keeping them ready for a blast.

Don’t make the surprisee suspicious. All the closest friends cannot be busy or unavailable on the same day. So make sure they all agree to the birthday boy/girl’s plan.

Do not fight – Yes, we know how much you love each other and fights are just a way of showing how much you care. Just spare the surprisee on this one day, because whatever you do, spoiling their mood just before the whole crowd screams ‘Surprise’ is not going to bring them tears of joy. Tears maybe. Of joy, really doubt it. Patience is key here.

Don’t leave the surprisee confused. That’s when they will know something’s fishy. “Baby, wait here while I go get the car keys”, and not returning for almost 30 minutes is not going to help.

Don’t be a drama queen. Your dramatic acting skills maybe appreciated in those theatrical trials you wished you aced, but not when it comes to throwing a surprise party. The whole idea is to stay as normal as you would be sans the surprise element, and act like you got no clue.

Confirm the plan by sending a broadcast message to everyone a night before the birthday.

Always have a backup plan, just in case.

Lastly, if you’re throwing a surprise party, don’t talk about the surprise party!

- Sneha Mankani

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