What To Do This New Year?

The year 2011 is coming to a close and, like every other year ending, everyone has jumped up to try and find things to do to celebrate the incoming of another year. With the prediction of the Mayan calendar, 2012 has already picked up its own reputation of being a year of doom, but as 2011 draws its final seconds, no one will be wallowing in gloom and take up every opportunity to enjoy themselves, splurge, and just generally, have a good time.

A New Year party is warranted to celebrate the end of another successful year, and to bring in the upcoming year with joyous pomp. But a few people like to do things differently than the usual party on a neighbourhood roof garden. If you stand among these adventurous souls, Offbeat’s New Year Bash at Akshi Beach in Alibaug would be suitable to get away from the regular rigours of the city to enjoy a party.

For all the club-hoppers, Enigma’s New Year’s Party will feature DJ Ashrafi, Dome’s Austin Powers themed New Year Party will feature DJ Eman and Out Of The Blue at Powai has a New Year’s Eve Bash featuring DJ T, while Amadeus has a first-time ever New Year celebration titled Amadeus Exclusivity and Velvet Lounge is hosting a New Year Party of its own.

In a rare to see occasion, an art gallery will host a New Year Party with Le Sutra’s Red Carpet New Year. For those who don’t enjoy the over-energetic atmosphere of clubs and discotheques, Hakkasan has a set dinner menu for New Year’s Eve as well as a set lunch menu for New Year’s Day, and Koh has a fresh new menu of Vietnamese, Thai and other oriental cuisines to enjoy at New Year’s Eve.

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