What Women Want: What We’d Love As Valentine Day Gifts

Committed or not, in love or not; Valentine’s Day does affect almost everyone. For people like me who are single but have soul siblings (that’s like soul sisters, but more than one. I also have a soul brother but I realise how weird that sounds, so let’s stick to soul siblings), we want some of these things from you! (This must be one of the most obvious hints ever.) Coming back on track, for all you people in love who are at a loss of what to give their girlfriends, this is what a lot of us would love for Valentine’s Day.

1. A Handwritten Note

Nothing makes you feel as loved as a personal handwritten note. I kid you not, this is as romantic as it gets. Get some nice textured paper, maybe an ink pen, and write down why you love her so much and what it is about her that makes your heart go off balance. Make it sentimental, emotional, funny, poetic; anything will do. The most important thing is it should come from your heart.

letter for valentine day gift

2. Or Ten Short Love Letters

If writing a letter seems daunting to you, then you can leave notes lying around the house in places she would be sure to come across them. Tiny one liners, but so many smiles they’d bring. You’d be surprised how good it will make her feel.

tiny notes for valentine day gift

3. Cake and Wine

This may be very simple to do, but a thoughtfully planned out dinner, with cake and wine and roses, would be just perfect for all the romantics out there. They’d love it, and rest assured that all their friends would get a glowing account of what a perfect boyfriend you are.

cake and wine for valentines day gift

4. Tiny Gifts That Mean So Much

These are small gifts that only the two of you would know the significance of. There are so many little secrets you share, so why not get your girlfriend something she would love to have which will remind her of you every time she sees it? This works for long distance relationships too!

personalized valentines day gift

5. She Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

Maybe this is a perfect cliché, but girls love shoes. Remember those window shopping trips where she’d go, “Ohmigod, I wish I had those!” Pick up on those hints. Go buy those shoes for her.

shoes for valentines day giftRed Striped Wedges: Rs. 2999

6. Something You Want

Maybe you want your girl to wear something that you like. Why not get her a trendy dress or maybe lingerie that is just perfect? It will be a gift for you too.

lingerie for valentines day gift

Red Halter Lace Bodysuit: Rs. 799

7. Handmade with Love

There is no lack of DIY projects to try. You know something might catch her fancy or just be really unique, then make her that. Maybe something creative like a dreamcatcher or a photo collage of you two. You place the dreamcatcher at your window, where the rays of the sun first hit, so you can be sure that it will remind her of you every time she sees it, first thing in the morning.

diy for valentine day gift

8. A Trinket

We admit that diamonds may be our best friends, but a piece of pretty jewelry is something she will always treasure, no matter how expensive or not the rock is. You can never go wrong with a lovely neckpiece or a pair of earrings, and every time she wears it, you will be remembered lovingly.


Merlot Loop Earrings: Rs. 800.  Merlot Loop Necklace: Rs. 2200

These are a few things we’d love to get for Valentine’s day. What about you? Tweet to us at @emlovesbooks and @get_inonit.

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