What You Buy From Spyra Remains An Exclusive Creation Just For You


Unique and eclectic fashion accessory brands, Spyra Jewellery is all set to exhibit at Dubai’s renowned DIVAlicious exhibition that is coming to Mumbai for the first time on October 15th. We talk to the creative talents behind the aesthetic jewellery brand that caters to the classy and bold, modern girl.


Spyra jewellery

Spyra jewellery


What is the difference in the shopping mentality of people in Mumbai compared to people in Dubai?

Dubai as a city has a very cosmopolitan crowd. It has a very exclusive taste, which moves towards high-end fashion. In Mumbai, people are more experimental and open to chance. We always create an exclusive collection for Dubai city which is a ‘one-off’ and not replicated. We love the process of this creation.

What’s the inspiration between your creations?  

Inspirations stem from a lot of places. Sometimes, clients themselves give us ideas and we recreate it by adding our style. For Diva, the biggest inspiration comes from my partner Parisa who is the main drive behind our collection. She develops concepts, pushes us to press our limits and in turn we manage to create some stunning pieces. Every Diva collection surpasses the other and a new USP emerges.

What’s the theme of your products that will be on sale at DIVAlicious? 

For DIVAlicious we always stick to classy, sophistication yet fun. These pieces are always statement making and they exude A Diva-Like Persona. By and large, the best designs we create are strictly confined to selling only with DIVAlicious.

There are so many brands and designers taking part in the exhibition, why should a shopaholic visit yours? What sets you apart?

We’ve been loyal DIVAlicious fans ourselves, we love selling here. What sets us apart would definitely be our customization skills. We can re-create almost anything a client demands. Besides, we keep one piece for each design, so what you buy remains an exclusive creation just for you. Spyra is also synonymous for combining unique base elements into its designs. Our last hit was a creation of a collor necklace using lace, chains and pearls. We do not stick to basics ever, its a genuine effort to raise the bar with each collection.

What’s your personal favourite product from your collection that will be on sale at DIVAlicious? 

This time around we are trying to create a shoulder necklace in the collection, which will be an emebellished accessory going all the way along your back with a motif around the neck. This one will be extremely bold and attention grabbing.

What jewellery would you chose to wear for the day and what would you choose to wear for the night?

It’s always great to go for thinner and longer chains for the day. Wear worked up scarves, pearls, chains and stones for the day. You can also accessorize with charm bracelets and rose studded earrings as well as rings. For the night, keep it shimmery. Wear a chunky neckpiece or a studded hand cuff. Cocktail rings are great conversation starters. They look very pretty and dainty.


Catch Spyra Jewellery at DIVAlicious on October 15th, 2012 at Blue Sea, Worli. 

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