What Your Star Sign Says About Your Style Quotient

Your sense of style depends a lot on your personality and character which as we all know, is influenced by your star sign. They might not change your future but they will help you understand and nurture your unique, personal style. Whether you read your horoscope daily, or haven’t a clue about the personality traits dominated by your zodiac, astronomy does spill into your closet traits. Here’s your guide to Astro Fashion 101.


You like to wear what’s comfortable but that doesn’t slow down your style. You love clothes that fit you perfectly and are noticed for your trendy looks that stand out. You’re most likely to grab eyeballs for your knack of trend-setting. An Arian fashionista isn’t afraid to experiment and mix and match to create an impression. The colour red is seen in abundance in your wardrobe to go with your red hot style.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Bekham, Chitrangada Singh

You know what would look best on your body and are not a rigid follower of the latest fads as you wouldn’t blindly wear something unless it looks fantastic on you. You have a talent for combining fashion with practicality. Similarly, spending a ridiculous amount of cash on designer brands is something you would never settle for even though you do appreciate the finer things in life. Instead, you would scout for better deals to purchase the same item and not pay the full retail price. Basically, the Taurus girl is big on comfort but without comprising on looking fabulous.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Anushka Sharma, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba

A Gemini girl is not intimidated by risqué fashion trends. You’re always game to play around with your style and try something new, and you do it with flair. You can go from sexy siren one day to the queen of relaxed, boho-chic the next. Bold prints and plenty of colour excite you and you can keep us guessing with your bold style.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Angelina Jolie

You can trust a Cancerian girl to nail a sophisticated, timeless style. Feminine and chic is the best way to describe your wardrobe. Delicate items like lace and and pearl necklaces are a big part of your closet. You also add a lot of emotional value to the way you dress, like a sentimental necklace that belonged to your mother. You have a hard time letting go of old things. Elegance and classiness are what you do best.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Sofia Vergara

Being the lioness of the zodiac, you roar your way through fashion with your flamboyant sense of style. Being a lover of luxury, you wouldn’t bat an eye at skyrocketing prices if it means getting your hands on those designer heels. You are the epitome of glam and don’t shy away from statement accessories and sequined clothes. Having a bold and sexy look makes you the centre of attention and you love it. Looking and feeling like a princess makes you the happiest.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis

A polished and fuss-free style describes you best. You steer clear of big logos and anything that’s too in-your-face. The ultimate perfectionist, a Virgo girl will never wear something that doesn’t have a superb fit, her style will never go out fashion. A feminine jacket, classy shirts, well-tailored jeans, summer dresses and timeless jewellery are your wardrobe staples.
Celebrity Fashionitas: Kareena Kapoor, Blake Lively, Neha Dhupia

Looking pretty is of utmost importance to a Libra girl, whether she’s heading out or staying in. You invest time in always looking well turned out and strike the right balance between sexy and chic. You love clothes that show off your curves and have a gift for accessorising to give a special finish to your beautiful style. You are a girly girl and can even add a feminine charm to the sportiest of looks.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Soha Ali Khan

The ultimate seductress, a scorpio woman loves clothes that accentuate her assets. With an ultra flirty style, you love grabbing attention but never favour vulgarity. You’re always armed with dark, over-sized sunglasses to maintain your mysterious charm. The tallest of heels don’t scare you and neither do new styles and cuts. Mini skirts, leather and tight jeans are your go-to along with sexy shades of black and red.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anne Hathaway, Sushmita Sen

Your love for travelling and exploring is reflected in your sartorial choices. You have a playful style that leans on the sensuous side. You like experimenting with different fabrics, textures and bright colours for an eccentric dressing sense. You express your love for global cultures through accessories with eye-catching details that you acquire through your travels or wherever you can get your hands on them.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Dia Mirza, Esha Gupta, Scarlett Johansson

Ever the professional, a Capricorn girl is always dressed appropriately with her refined sense of style. Not one to follow fads, you have long since figured out what flatters your body best and have created your own niche style. You have a well-defined, chic style that you stick to rigidly. You would prefer to own a few classic luxury pieces that you work into your preferred choice of dressing. You never disappoint in being dressed with class and grace.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Deepika Padukone, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama

A true blue trendsetter, your clothes always come with a personal touch for a style that can never ever be categorized as dull. An Aquarius girl has an eye for anything that’s out of the ordinary to go with her eccentric but tasteful sense of style. Nobody strikes a perfect concoction of high-end, high street and street buys as effortlessly as you do. You favour vivid colours like violet and turquoise and have a real feel for fashion that sets you apart from the crowd.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Jennifer Aniston, Preity Zinta, Heather Graham

Dreamy and artistic, the creative and laid-back attitude of a Piscean is evident in their dressing. They love floaty, relaxed fabrics but can carry off tight-fitting outfits with as much ease. Your style is fashionable but never OTT. You have a huge shoe fetish and own an impressive collection of footwear. You can rock sea green like no other.
Celebrity Fashionistas: Rihanna, Kangana Ranaut, Eva Mendes

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