Where Will You Watch The Match Today?

A few places to watch the super-exciting match as India and Pakistan vie for that spot in the 2011 World Cup Final.

Busaba — happy hours at Busaba as you buy one and get one free on all domestic alcohol and starters on the world cup menu (6pm-9pm only)

Bonobo – 4 beers for Rs. 550

Geoffries — Rs. 1500 per person cover charge – watch the match in a cool spot on big screens

Mesa Deli — Open for the 2nd innings only. Minimum Spend Rs.999 per person

Miro Lounge –  Rs. 500+Taxes which includes 4 chilled beers and a plate of tapas

Pali Village Cafe – Yummy food, excellent wine and sangrias – packages are available, so call 022 26050401

The Tasty Tangles –offers a choice of two packages: Domestic package – 6 Budwiser pints + 2 appetizers for Rs. 799 + taxes. Imported package – 6 Tsingtao pints + 2 appetizers for Rs. 1,500 + taxes

The Tasting Room — has put up a big screen as well and will be showing the match from 2:30 pm onward – Call 022-65285284 for reservations.

Valhalla — Rs. 5000 per head cover charge for food and beverage, seating is theatre style – Call 022 – 67353535

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