Which Is Your Favourite Restaurant? Vote For It And You May Win Too!

Do you love eating? Do you love a particular cuisine or dish or even a restaurant? Some place that you visit really often and no matter how many times you order the same dish, you can never get fed up of eating it.

If you do love a restaurant as much as this, then why not vote for it?

India’s first ever Time Out Food Awards has every notable eatery in the country in the running for the top awards in the culinary world. You can vote for your favourite restaurant and take it to the top of the standings in the Indian gourmet charts or if you are on first name basis with a chef, you can vote for him/ her and make them famous across the hills and the planes. The awards are plenty, ranging from Best Independent Restaurant and Best New Chef to Best Design and India’s Hottest Restaurant.

The open poll ends on 30th November, before which you have a chance to vote for your favourite food spot. The voting process is fairly easy in itself. All you have to do is log onto www.timeoutfoodawards.com and follow the onscreen instructions to cast your vote. Or, simpler yet, you can SMS: timeout<space> FA<space> restaurant name to 56161 and vote for the restaurant you think is the best.

The good people at Time Out also promise some exciting prizes and discount vouchers to some lucky voters.

If you need to know more about the restaurants in the Mumbai space, click here.

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