Beauty Glossary: Know Your Brushes

Boys may boast of how they manage multiple gadgets, but girls have their own list of things to be proud of. From names of shoes to styles of bags, we need to keep track of everything. And here’s one more to add to the list. We present to you a glossary of makeup brushes and tell you how to use each one.

which makeup brush to use - kit
Fan Brush
This one has many uses—from applying blush to blending excess shimmer, you can use it for various makeup applications.

which makeup brush to use - fan brush
Powder Brush
This is used to apply any kind of powder-based foundation or shimmer powder. Avoid using it to blend, though, as its density may ruin the look.

which makeup brush to use - powder
Eyeshadow Brush
As the name suggests, this one is used to apply eyeshadow and blending different colours. However, you’ll need a special sponge brush for intense blending.

which makeup brush to use - eye shadow

Sponge Tip Brush
Blend away to get that perfect smokey eye makeup with the sponge tip brush. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a soft sponge, else go for the hard variety.

which makeup brush to use - sponge tip
Angle Brush
Ideal to get that charming smile, this brush is used to apply your blush-on.

which makeup brush to use - angle brush
Concealer Brush
This flat, hard-bristled brush is for blending in your concealer and removing any excesses.

which makeup brush to use - concealer
Eyebrow Brush and Comb
Get sharply defined eyebrows with this brush-comb tool. It allows you to shape the brow as well as remove any excess makeup on it.

which makeup brush to use - eyebrows
Don’t let your face look like a patchy mess of foundation; use this sponge to even out your skin and take away any extra bits of foundation.

which makeup brush to use - spongeThin Angle Brush
Get your winged eyeliner just right with this hard-bristled angle brush. It offers more control while applying the liner.

which makeup brush to use - thin angle
Mascara Brush
While most mascara bottles have inbuilt brushes, it would be wise to invest in an external one just in case the bottle clumps or the brush is ruined.

which makeup brush to use - mascaraLip Brush
Apply lipstick like a pro with this thin, hard-bristled brush. It helps to define your lips better and applies a generous dose of colour.

which makeup brush to use - lip brush
Always go for synthetic brushes instead of animal-hair ones—they last longer and are more hygienic. Get affordable makeup brushes here.

Click on the image below to see our infographic on makeup brushes! Save it so you can refer to it anytime on the go.

makeup brushes

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