Who Wore It Better: Kangana Ranaut, Taylor Swift or Brynne Edelsten?

It doesn’t happen everyday that you see three celebrated names spotted wearing the same outfit over the globe. And when it does, the fashion police in us takes notice!

What do you think? Who wore it better?


Brynne Edelsten
She wore the champagne shade Herve Leger for the 2013 Brownlow medal. She carried a gold box clutch and wore a metallic bracelet. But we feel the plunging neckline doesn’t flatter her, unless she’s consciously trying to distract people from looking at her face.

Taylor Swift
The gorgeous singer wore the same dress in a different color. She went head-to-toe blue with matching nail color, bracelet, and stilettos. Red added a nice hint of color to her look. We definitely like Taylor Swift’s look for MTv VMAS 2013.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana recently wore the bubbly hued Herve Leger dress to the Queen success party. We love the elegance and sophistication she exudes in this outfit. It seems tailored especially for her. Why not? She is the ‘Queen’ after all!

Our Verdict: Kangana wins hands down, Taylor Swift a close second and let’s just say Brynne needs lessons on ‘Dressing for your body type.’

How would you rank the ladies? Drop in your comments and let us know!

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