Why Go Short? Here’s the Long and Short of It!

The Purple Sack‘s Tanvi Gupta loves wearing shorts and here’s her take on why and how you should wear them.

Its rare to find comfort and style combined, and shorts easily give us that choice!

  • A pair of shorts, short or long, should be well fitted for a skinny frame or someone with long legs.
  • For people with bulky thighs, flared and pleated shorts take all the attention away.
  • Shorts should be colour-blocked with bright coloured or floral printed blouses.
  • If you are a wedges person, then this one is surely for you. Wedges with shorts look very stylish and make one look slimmer as well
  • Splurge on slim belts to go with your shorts and give them a dressier look
  • Vivid colours are ruling the town, so go bright and add some color to the monsoon!

For shorts in Mumbai, these are 5 places we’ve picked for you:

1. Spring Break
3. Quirkbox
4. Diesel
5. Guess

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