Why I Don’t Shop at Sales

A woman’s world these days seems to revolve around one four-letter word: SALE. Sale season is upon us. Monsoon Madness, Flat 50% OFF, free puppies and what not! Although the prospect of getting half price on an item of clothing entices me, the whole experience of the sale is not worth the amount saved. Here is why:

shopping problems

1. So you read about that super crazy, rock bottom price sale on your favourite high street brand and decide to check it out over the weekend. Huge mistake! An army of teenage girls and aunties have found their way to the nearest mall. Serpentine queues await you as early as 9 in the morning when the rest of the world is groggily trying to finish their cup of tea.

2. After endless waiting you finally get into the store, only to see racks on racks on racks and piles of clothing so high you can hide a monster behind them. You almost get attacked by a girl who is trying to take the clothes off a mannequin. You get yourself together and start browsing through the rack only to realise everything is either a garish neon or an animal print.

3. Do you tend to over spend? Then you need to avoid sale season altogether. Let’s face it.  70% OFF on that see through T-shirt you will never wear again? You MUST buy it.

4. Guerrilla training is a given if you plan to hit the sales. Clawing, hair pulling and shoving are a common sight here. Grab that tub of popcorn as you witness cat fights that would put even those train fights to shame. Remember those sales people who followed you around on non-sale days? They will always be MIA when you need them the most.

5. You finally find something you like and there are 12 extra smalls and no mediums or larges.

6. You hunt some more, find something in your size and head towards the changing rooms only to find another line as long as the Great Wall of China.

7. Finally you make it to the dressing-room. You try on the dress in your usual size, but it was made for teens who don’t have hips and you feel like a paneer roll with its contents spilling out. But there’s NO WAY you’re waiting in that line again!

8. Sale items are manhandled. Love that dress? That zipper is broken. Think you have gotten a steal on those pants? The button will be missing.

9. At this point you grab whatever you can find, praying that these will fit you and head to another serpentine line at the cash counter.

10.  A week later you try to return the dress because it doesn’t fit only to realize that you can’t. Of course it’s your fault! You missed reading the return policy on the receipt. Legible only to ants.



And if you would still like to takle Sales head on, check out our Sale roundup.  Save yourself all this trouble and shop online, in your PJ’s, in the comfort of your home here.

-Renita Dsilva

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