Winter Make-Up Tips

With a drop in temperatures, comes a whole new beauty regime to experiment with. Just because you can’t wear those bright summer dresses as much doesn’t mean our faces should be kept lackluster. All you need are some bold, fabulous beauty tips to help you shine your brightest till the sun comes back out. Try these tips to dazzle the winter blues away.


  • No matter how much you layer up, cold weather has a habit of drying your skin up. The key to looking great is to moisturize your face as regularly as you can and avoid flakiness.
  • If you use foundation regularly, it would help to get one which includes moisturizer, sun protection and colour in one.
  • Because the chill can lead to paleness and flakiness, use pink or red tones on your cheeks for a natural-looking flush that helps you look super fresh.
  • A bright pop of colour can add sunshine and brighten up these cold, lethargic days. Pucker up with bright red, cherry pink and tangerine lips.
  •  You don’t always have to go bright if that isn’t your style. Dark luscious shades of burgundy and wine on your lips can add to a charming allure and are also trending this season.
  • When it comes to the eyes, sweep them with attractive shades of pink, purple, blues and greens to dazzle.
  • Dark, earthy or neutral tones are also completely apt for the season.
  • Your nails are the best accessory in any kind of style statement. Go with bright colours or dark plums. It’s always a bonus when your nails are a contrasting shade from your lip colour.
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