Men’s Winter Style Guide


With chilly days ahead, most guys will be taking out their usual winter ensemble of baggy hoodies which they have probably worn year after year. We list a few essential tips guys should keep in mind to spruce up their winter style while staying warm and look hot while it’s cold outside.


A well-fitting jacket is key to your winter style

A well-fitting jacket is key to your winter style

  • Avoid thick and bulky jackets/sweaters/coats. Layers are more effective in keeping you warm and are always more flattering.
  • A basic sweater or pull-over can do wonders to your look if they’re the right fit. Make sure they are not too loose and not too tight.
  • If you want to step out of the box, experiment with different coloured sweaters. Go bright for the day and dark hues for the night that also go perfectly with formal wear.
  • Cardigans paired with slim fitting shirts can look super dapper.
  • V-neck sweaters by itself look fantastic on guys with decent bodies.
  • A classic winter hat is a super stylish way to keep warm and stay stylish since hats are a great way to create a cool statement. A cool colour like aqua blue could do wonders.
  • A leather jacket is a must. One with good quality leather which fits well can transform your look to undeniably sexy in an instant.
  • Do not forget to give importance to good footwear to complete your outfit. Stylish loafers or dress boots in safe, neutral colours go a long way in contributing to your classy style.
  • Scarves and mufflers are a fantastic winter accessory to keep warm and look great. Stripes and checks in your favourite colours add a whole new dimension to your style.
  • Biker gloves are a definite no-no. They don’t look good and nor do they generate warmth. If you must wear gloves then opt for thin leather or woolen ones.


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